Dino’s Journal 📖


First day back at the office after a week off.

Dev team at work surprised me with a teddy bear and balloons to celebrate Baby Caleb's arrival. — I am grateful!

I have a two monitor setup at the office. I did my compliance training by turning off the other monitor. It helped me stay focused on finishing my training session.

I went down to the first floor to use the restroom. My eyes were tired and my neck was tense. As I got into the restroom, I noticed strong heart palpitations and what seemed to be an incoming headache. Usually, when this happens, it's because of eyestrain or not getting enough sleep. This was the first time in a while, that I really wanted to have my Fitbit with me, so I can double check my heart rate. I left my Fitbit at home though, so I have to check manually.


Baby Caleb at the NICU Visited Baby Caleb at the NICU today. He was in his own room. It was located all the way back, at the end of the hallway. He had two lights still on him. He was sound asleep when I arrived. I said “Hi”, though not loud enough to wake him up. I waited for the nurse to arrive.

When the nurse did arrive, she was bringing along his chart. He has been feeding well. He drank up to 80 ml of milk, which is twice as much as when I was trying to feed him. That's good news.

Another bit of good news is that his bilirubin/jaundice levels has gone down from 14 to 12.8. The doctor will not allow him to go home until the level drops below 10. So, he still has some ways to go.


Went to our Chiropractor to get an adjustment. Davin also got an adjustment. It is great that Davin is no longer scared of our Chiropractor.

Baby Caleb lounging and undergoing photo-therapy at the NICU. After the visit to the Chiropractor, we dropped off Coney at the hospital. She went to visit Baby Caleb at the NICU.

While she was there, me and Davin ran some errands. We got gas and went to the bank. Then we picked up Coney and went to Olive Garden for lunch. We decided to order seafood entrees. They were not bad at all, considering Olive Garden is not known for their seafood entrees.

Next day...

Watched an episode of Rotten on Netflix. The episode I watched was about water and it also specifically covered bottled water. It was an eye opener. Born and raised in a developing country myself, we had access to clean and safe drinking water. Sure there were often times when our water supply was rationed, but when it was available, it was always clean water. Contrast that to another developing country like Nigeria, where they don't even have stable access to clean water. It really makes you wonder how many people (myself included) take things like tap water for granted. Watching that episode has motivated me to find ways to use tap water more often than bottled water.


Should be our last day at the hospital today. The hospital staff was taking awhile with the discharge papers though.

Baby Caleb is still in the NICU and won't be able to go home with us until he gets better.

It is already late in the afternoon and the discharge papers are still not ready. So, we decided that I should go pick up Davin while Coney attends a NICU Discharge class.

When I arrived at the baby sitter, Davin was busy playing on his iPad. When he finally saw me, his face lit up. He ran toward me and gave me a hug. Then he immediately started talking about the game he was playing. It was really good to see him again after spending three nights at the hospital.

After picking up Davin, we drove back to the hospital to pick up Coney. Then we drove to the pharmacy to pick up Coney's pain meds. Then we picked up dinner. After a quick dinner, it was time to drive my brother to the airport.


Another day at the hospital. Baby Caleb is still at the NICU. I tried taking a shower at the hospital the day before and made a mess. Puddles of water everywhere. So this time around, I decided to go home to take a shower. While I was home, took the time to fix the clogged sink. Also took out the trash. After finishing up at home, I went to pickup cupcakes that Coney ordered for the nurses at the hospital. Then it was back to the hospital.

Me and Coney ate our lunch by the window. We entertained ourselves by watching the hilarious parking lot battles that ensued at the offices below.

Without Baby Caleb in the room with us, there was nothing for us to do. So we sat by the window and tried to enjoy the view.


Coney was much improved this morning. Unlike her first delivery with Davin, she is not bedridden on the second day of her stay at the hospital. She could actually get up and walk around.

Caleb was a little better too. He could now open his eyes more. His blood sugar was fluctuating, so we still had to put in the effort to feed him as much as we could. Since Coney was still not back to 100%, I was the one changing Baby Caleb's diapers. It was not as hard as I thought it would be. In fact, I think it is easier to change an infant's diapers, than it is to change one on a toddler.

Just remembered a random thought I had while in the OR for Coney's c-section. The anesthesiologist was chatting with Coney's OB. It felt like I was in an episode of Grey's Anatomy. 😄


Empty hospital bed

Dropped off Davin at the baby-sitter, then it was off to the hospital.

Got to the hospital at around 8:38 AM. After a slight delay getting checked-in, we got to the labor and delivery room at around 9 AM. In that room, they had to check Coney for a number of things. After waiting for all of that to finish, they were finally ready to get her c-section done.

Her OB was running late, which means the surgery was running late as well.

One mistake we made was to not bring snacks. Coney had to fast, so she had no choice. I didn't need to fast and I was starving. I was starving while we waited for them to get started on the surgery.


Rainy Sunday. Attended Mass. Prayed as fervently as I could for a safe delivery for my wife and Baby Caleb. I hope everything goes well. I'm a little stressed out about it, but at the same time, I'm looking forward to getting it over with.

I'm especially worried about leaving Davin at the baby sitter for three nights. I hope he doesn't feel that we have abandoned him. I hope he doesn't resent us for leaving him there for three nights. Also, I hope that he will get along with Baby Caleb when they finally meet.

My wife, Coney, she's scared of her upcoming c-section. I have to remember to do everything I can to make her feel at ease. Again I'm hoping for a safe delivery.

We had lunch with my brother at Chuy's. Davin started devouring their chips as soon as the waiter set the bowl down. I ordered the Macho Burrito. And as usual, it was really good. Especially when paired with their creamy jalapeño sauce.


Starting to get stressed out. Coney is having her c-section in a few days. We are bringing a new life into this world. I hope that we don't mess up.

Harness height is maxed out on Davin's Britax convertible car seat.

Finished watching The Last Ship. Not a bad ending, though I felt that it was rushed or was somewhat incomplete. I was left with questions like, what happened to the characters after the final battle? What happened to the world after the final battle? Who was the Captain of the Battleship that was hunting down Chandler? Which country did that Battleship belong to? Why was it hunting him down? So many questions, but no episodes left to answer them. On the bright side, it was nice to see old characters make a cameo at the end. Overall I think it was a great show. A good combination of fiction and a depiction of real life in the US Navy.

Took Davin to soccer class. Davin still needs to work on the idea of kicking a ball between cones. He gets it, but sometimes loses focus and ends up knocking the cones over. I don't blame him. In their earlier classes, they were taught to knock down the cones with the ball. Anyway, he just needs some practice.


To give you some context before you start reading this entry, my previous journal entry ended with me creating a new Facebook account. This whole journal entry covers the day after creating that new account.

Got sucked into browsing Facebook while getting ready for work in the morning. It was my fault for not being careful. I know that this is one of the dangers of creating a new Facebook account. I just need to be more careful.

On a positive note, I have discovered that a close friend of mine is also playing Ace Combat 7. I never would have known that had I not browsed his Facebook profile. He's never mentioned it in our group chat. I think this goes to show that keeping up with friends through group chats is never going to be enough.

Photo by Joshua Hoehne on Unsplash

One downside I've already noticed with this new Facebook account, is that my mind was already distracted as soon as I woke up. I kept wondering about Facebook, Facebook, Facebook. Did my friend accept my friend request? Did someone comment on my post? Are people now visiting my personal website via links I shared on Facebook?