Journal Entry – 002

Quiet weekend, but a productive one, especially yesterday. Last Saturday we missed out on Davin's haircut appointment and we didn't get to take him to the zoo. We did all that yesterday.

Was still late for the haircut appointment, but fortunately, the family ahead of us was also late, because they got lost, which bought us some time to get there. Funny, because we were late last week because we got lost too. For some reason, the address for that place just confuses the heck out of navigation apps. I mentioned last week that Apple Maps had trouble with it. Turns out, so does Waze. Only Google Maps managed to get us there, on the right side of the fence this time.

We were able to take Davin to the zoo. We got lucky with parking and found a spot really close to the entrance. The weather though was not ideal. It is of course summer here, so it was hot and humid. For some reason, I struggle in those conditions. On some uphill sections of the zoo trail, my heart rate was up to 145 beats per minute and because it was so humid, I had trouble breathing. It didn't help that the diaper backpack I was carrying was quite heavy.

That said, those are just excuses. Other parents were carrying heavier bags, had more kids and some were even towing wagons. The bottom line is that I am just not fit enough. I need to work on my fitness especially in weather conditions like that.

Davin thankfully was unaffected by the weather. He was just as energetic as ever. He didn't even want to stop and take a break. He just wanted to keep going. The zoo had a dinosaur exhibit and he really enjoyed that one. He had trouble spotting other animals, especially the smaller ones. It was only the big animals, like the Elephant and Giraffe that drew his attention and I guess the Gorilla (but I couldn't say for sure because I was taking a break trying to catch my breath).

Still it was a good day and we look forward to taking Davin to the other zoo that we have nearby, but this time we are waiting for cooler weather.

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