My name is Dino Bansigan and this is my online journal.

This online journal is a digital representation and extension of a subset of entries from my bullet journal. Most of the posts you see on this site originated as journal entries on my bullet journal. To add to that, on this journal I like to share tips, or “life lessons” that I have learned while navigating through this game called life. I also will occasionally write about topics that I am interested in like music, sports, video games, technology and God.

Since I try to stay away from social media, this journal and my microblog are my “Hey I'm still alive” websites for my family and friends. I’m going to use both as an alternative to posting social media updates on Facebook and Instagram. That means that I will use this space to share links to articles/posts that I find interesting and to post “status updates” to keep my friends updated on what’s been going on with my life.

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