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What I have in this music log are two songs from some rather unfamiliar bands. I only came upon their songs from the Discover Weekly playlist on Spotify. But just because the songs are from unfamiliar bands, doesn't mean the songs aren't any good. I invite you to give them a chance and take a listen.

First up is the song “Arrows” by the band Last Winter. I tried looking for a music video for this song on Youtube and couldn't find one. I tried looking for lyrics to this song on Bing and couldn't find them. So, like I said above, unfamiliar bands. The only link I could find to this song is through Spotify, so Spotify it is then. Anyway their Spotify bio suggests that they are a pop rock band, which I guess is only partly true. This song is more than just a pop rock track though, as it has hints of pop punk or emo pop to it. Either way, a pretty good song.


12/21/2019 - Saturday

Finished watching Star Wars Episode 7. Didn't get to watch Episode 8 or even the latest “The Mandalorian” episode. – There was supposedly something in the latest episode then, that was related to something in Episode 9. Now that I've seen both, it wasn't that big of a deal actually.

Note: There will not be any spoilers about Star Wars Episode 9 in this post. So, feel free to read on.

Watched Star Wars Episode 9 at Studio Movie Grill. I was going to order Mac and Cheese, but the waiter said something about other people not liking the cheese, so I ordered their Crispy Chicken Tenders instead. It was too hard and a little dry. I should have just ordered the pizza that I always get.

Anyway, the movie itself was good, the ending was pretty good. Totally did not expect that ending, but that was a really good plot-twist. The battle at the end was great. There was a moment in that battle when to me, it felt like all of the eight previous Star Wars movies came rushing in. It was like you've been on this really long journey and now you are finally seeing the end unfold in front of your eyes. It all led to a climactic battle between the light and the dark, between good and evil. It was quite simply awesome.

^ That was a great moment. I was filled with frisson while watching it. Just typing it down now, I still get frisson from remembering that scene. That line that was uttered at the end, it was epic. I'm looking forward to watching the movie a second time. Also, sorry if these all sound vague. That's the best I can do without spoiling the movie.


12/22/2019 – Sunday

Started playing Deus Ex: Mankind Divided again. I've already finished this game before. This time, I'm playing in “New Game+” mode, which lets me keep all my weapons and upgrades from my previously completed game. This allows me to play the game a little differently this time around.

I started playing it again because I got tired of re-spawning in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. That game can be tough.

Funny how on my second play-through, I noticed a stash hidden in Adam's bedroom that I've never noticed before.

Also, on this play-through I'm aiming for a non-lethal approach to the game.


In my journal entry from yesterday, I made a note to myself to write a proper music log entry for the three rock songs I liked after listening to the Top 50 Rock Songs of 2019 countdown. So here they are.

First song is “Degenerates” by A Day to Remember. This is not your typical ADTR track. This one is a little too soft compared to the rest of their tracks, but it is a good one nonetheless.


New character introduction to this series. If you've been following my journal entries, then you've surely read of Davin, my firstborn son. In this entry, I introduce my wife, Coney. This is mainly so I can stop referring to her always as “the wife”, “my wife”, “wifey”, etc... and instead address her by her name.

12/19/2019 - Thursday

Coney says the tire pressure light on the CX-5 turned on again. This is after having filled it up with air last Monday. Maybe we simply need to get rid of that bad tire. At the very least, I have to buy two brand new tires if need be, since the rest of the tires are almost worn out already.

A post on Read.Write.As has motivated me to look into how I can decrease the number of marketing mails that I get. – I didn't really find an easy way that this could be done here in the US other than what's listed in this FAQ entry from USPS.


It's been almost a month since my last music log. Some significant things have happened that prevented me from having enough free time to write down music logs on Fridays. Anyway, it is Friday, I have a bit of time after an exhausting session of running into one bug after another, none of which are caused by the code changes I'm trying to test.

Anyway the two songs I have lined up today are inspirational and uplifting songs. How much of a coincidence is it, that these are the songs that are next in my list to share in a music log entry, all while the world is going through a global pandemic?

First up is the song “Brave” by Skillet. I love, love, love the lyrics on this song. This song goes out to everyone on the front lines fighting to keep this virus from overwhelming the world.

Wherever I will go Wherever you will lead I'll never walk alone Your spirit is with me oh oh oh oh oh You're with me as I go So I will not be afraid

You call me to be brave In you, in you Brave In you, you call me to be brave


“Sing to You” by Amely

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What I'm listening to right now...

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12/16/2019 - Monday

Woke up with an itchy wrist, so I decided to do an experiment; going a week or two without using my Fitbit. This turned into Experiment Log – 004.

The wife has been sending signals that she's sort of burning out lately. I need to be more mindful of her. Need to look after her more. When she calls for me, instead of asking, “What?”, I should just head over to where she is at to see what she needs.

Tire pressure light has turned on again on the CX-5. There is one tire on that car that loses air faster than the rest. I cannot wait to get that tire changed. I need to wait until the tires drop down to 4/32” of tread depth before I replace them though. – As of this moment, they are around 5/32” to 6/32”.


Waiting at a clinic What I’m seeing right now... waiting at the lobby area of an urgent care clinic with Baby Caleb. And no, no one is seriously ill. Just needed to get a check up, but since it is the weekend, we had to go to an urgent care clinic.

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