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This is part 2 of the game play clips from Mission 09 with the Su-30M2 Flanker-F2. I don't know what it is about planes, but I just love looking at replays of them flying around. This is similar to how I spent time watching replays of cars racing in Gran Turismo years ago.

In hindsight, I should have included this video in the previous post. But I wasn't sure if YouTube was going to block my videos like Vimeo did, so I didn't upload multiple videos in succession.

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It's been awhile since I wrote a music log entry. I had a number of excuses ready to type up, but I'll skip those. Let's just get one up shall we?

The first song for today is a rather unpopular song by My Chemical Romance. Unpopular in the sense that, I don't think it is one of their hits. I just happened to come across it as a song recommendation. Whether it was from Pandora or Spotify, I don't remember anymore. But the important bit, is that this song rocks! So here is “Ambulance” by My Chemical Romance.


The Su-30M2 Flanker-F2 is one of my favorite planes in Ace Combat 7. It is beautiful and flies really well. Since it is a multi-role fighter, you can use it for air-to-air or air-to-ground missions. In this video, I'm flying it on Mission 09 of the single player campaign. It has the Erusea livery/skin on.

Got tired of waiting for Vimeo to look into why they disabled my account. First, I created a PixelFed account. I could upload photos just fine, but for some reason it would error out when uploading videos. That was unfortunate. It's almost like Vimeo and PixelFed were pushing me to upload to YouTube instead. So, I gave YouTube a try.

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Have the day off because of a doctor's appointment in the afternoon. Woke up fine. While shaving though, I turned my body slightly to the left and somehow triggered lower back pain. It was pretty bad. It was like my whole lower back tightened up and I couldn't move. And it started to affect my breathing. I had to calm myself down to relax my back muscles. Because dude, I did not want to get stuck in the bathroom with just a towel on. Or have to call 911 for that matter because I couldn't move. But seriously, it hurt pretty bad for awhile.

I weighed 192 lbs. at the doctor's clinic. Fates![1] I need to work on losing weight. Anyway, my blood pressure was normal and I had blood work done. For the blood test that checks your liver and kidneys, you don't have to be fasting. For the cholesterol test though, you have to be in a fasted state.


A great read on why reputation matters so much now. Especially in light of how much information is available to the public nowadays. Plus some light history lesson on where the “Moon Landing” conspiracy theory came from.

Link: Say goodbye to the information age: it’s all about reputation now

In the average-case scenario, you trust newspapers, magazines or TV channels that endorse a political view which supports scientific research to summarise its findings for you. In this latter case, you are twice-removed from the sources: you trust other people’s trust in reputable science.

Huh, I actually didn't think of it that way, but that's true though.

So, do we now have to fact check everything we read or see online? No, that would take absurd amounts of our time. Not to mention, we probably won't come up with the correct answers doing our own research. Instead, we should ask the questions the author presented in the article, that I quoted below. It can act as sort of a checklist or framework for quickly verifying the accuracy of new information.

Whenever we are at the point of accepting or rejecting new information, we should ask ourselves: Where does it come from? Does the source have a good reputation? Who are the authorities who believe it? What are my reasons for deferring to these authorities? Such questions will help us to get a better grip on reality than trying to check directly the reliability of the information at issue.

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Update: Well that's a bummer. Not sure what's going on with Vimeo, but hopefully it will be resolved soon.

One way to take out the Sweeper units from the Cleaners faction, is to shoot at their fuel tanks.

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One day God gave me a gift . . .

My newborn was the love of my life. I almost couldn’t pull my eyes away from his perfect face. I knew every cry and exactly how to comfort him. I fed him and changed diapers and breathed in the sweet scent from the top of his head.

I never knew this kind of LOVE existed!

Then one morning I picked him up from the crib and found a chubby baby. His bright eyes danced at the sight of me, and his dimpled face broke into a drooly grin.

My newborn was gone.

I didn’t even get to say goodbye.

Link: Dear Son: I’ve Loved Every Stage With You and I’m Never Ready to Say Goodbye

I got a link to this post from Coney. It was written by a mom, for moms. But, even as a dad, this post still tugs at my heart strings. You'll never know when your child grows up and moves on from one stage to another. Today he might still sleep in your arms, tomorrow he will sleep on his own bed. Today he might still be a toddler, tomorrow he might already be a preschooler. You'll never know if today was the last day you got to carry your kid. This is why I've started recording on my journal the days that I got to carry Davin. I want to remember the last day I got to carry him. Eventually, I will do the same thing for Caleb when he grows older.


When I started this online journal, one of my goals was to use it in place of social media. So, the idea was to post photos or videos here, instead of on Facebook or Instagram. Video game clips in particular was something I shared on Instagram. I no longer have a public Instagram account. And I'm running out of space on OneDrive because of my growing backlog of video game clips. So, I'm going to start a new series on here: Game Clips. These are going to contain video game clips from the various games I play/played.

To start off, I'm sharing a game clip from The Division. Before the release of the second game, this was one of my “go to” games. It is an online open-world tactical shooter that you can play solo. The story is engaging. The cover system in this game is really good, which makes combat enjoyable. It is a good game.


Discipline Equals Freedom Front Finished reading the book Discipline Equals Freedom: Field Manual by Jocko Willink a few weeks ago, so I thought I'll share my thoughts on it.

Why did I pick up this book?

I cannot remember where I saw it. It could have been on the Good Books website, or a recommendation on Amazon. Either way, I found a link to the book and checked it out. The book seemed interesting as I've been trying to find ways to instill more discipline in myself. Specifically, discipline in my diet and exercise. I read a review that mentioned how Part 2 of the book focused on fitness and health. It also mentioned that the author gets up everyday at 4:30am to workout. And that he proves this by posting a photo on Instagram every morning. I checked out his Instagram account and it was true. So, I was like, I need to know how he does it every day. So, I bought the book.


I find that working out with free weights stresses my body in a good way. I get a similar but less potent feeling when working out with the Total Gym. I don't get the same feeling when working out with the Bullworker. Does it mean that it doesn't work? No, it works. I can see myself getting stronger on it. It just doesn't feel like I'm working out. I feel that working out with free weights like dumbbells are the way to go.

I'm also starting to be more selective of the exercises I do. I try to do ones that mimic everyday movements. If an exercise moves my body or uses my muscles in a way that will never happen in real life, I'm going to skip it.

We were supposed to get the Kullen dresser from Ikea. When we finally saw it in person, we found that it was smaller than expected. It was also cheap because they decided to do some cost cutting on the roller mechanism for the drawers.


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