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On the way to the car wash today, I finally opened up the engine. Went WOT and it felt good! The car is feeling good. It feels fun to drive my Mazdaspeed3 once more.

I've been on fire today, writing code and sending them for code reviews left and right. I've accomplished a lot (at work) this year actually. I worked on the move from MongoDB to Azure. I've helped with the work for the 1.5 Core Team. Now working on this new stuff with Debit Cards. If this doesn't get me a raise, I don't know what will. Might be time to move on if that's the case.


Bullet Journal Weekly Spread 1 My first weekly spread on my bullet journal. I wanted one week to fit into a single page layout, where the space for Saturday and Sunday are as big as the weekdays.

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Jesus is not offering a doctrine, a theology or a set of beliefs. He is offering himself. He's saying, “Walk in my path; enter into the world that I have opened up.” – Daily Gospel Reflection from Bishop Barron

He has already shown the way. All I have to do, is follow.

I need to remember to take more pictures. Not for posting online, but for keeping memories.

A trick to help the wife zip up her dresses, is to use a large binder clip (those black metallic ones) to hold the top of the unzipped dress close together, so that it is easier to zip up the whole dress starting from the bottom.


Tried using a pencil on my Bullet Journal yesterday. I got a no. 2 pencil from the office supply room, a basic pencil from Staples. Was an interesting test. I've forgotten how it feels to write using a pencil. It feels nice! The way the pencil just glides over the paper, it feels so much better than using a pen. I could write way faster and it didn't smear at all. And if I make a mistake, I can just do a CTRL+Z with the eraser. Brilliant.