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The Micro.blog August 2020 Photoblogging Challenge just wrapped up yesterday. For those that don't follow my micro journal, you can find my entries for the photoblogging challenge here.

While I did enjoy joining the challenge, I have to say I was burning out towards the end. For someone who doesn't take too many pictures, this was a real challenge. It also increased my mobile phone usage, which is an unwanted side effect. That said, since I already joined, I was committed to finishing it (and I did). Just like how I'm committed to finishing this 100DaysToOffload challenge as well.

This post is Day 47 of my #100DaysToOffload challenge. Visit https://100daystooffload.com to get more info, or to get involved.

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Tiny Epic Galaxies Tiny Epic Galaxies A game of Tiny Epic Galaxies with the wife, which she won, on her first try... She always seems to do that on every new game we play.

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Davin, waiting for his turn on the merry-go-round Davin, patiently waiting for his turn on the merry-go-round...

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Cars Stayed up to watch Cars 3, then Cars 1 with Davin last night. As is customary, Davin will line up his cars on the bed while watching the movies.

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Bullet Journal Weekly Spread 1 My first weekly spread on my bullet journal. I wanted one week to fit into a single page layout, where the space for Saturday and Sunday are as big as the weekdays.

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7 Wonders Board game night with the family. 7 Wonders is such a good game.

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