Journal Entry – 008

Not quite ready to start my 30-day digital declutter phase yet, but I did work on the rules I will be following during this upcoming exercise. I will post them on here sometime this week.

I spent some time today going over the apps on my smartphone. I've already removed a bunch before, but I ended up removing more in preparation for the digital declutter phase.

One of the things I'm waiting on are pocket notebooks to carry along with me at all times. They are for writing down ideas or thoughts that I might think of, thereby stopping me from having to use my phone for the same task. To be honest though, as long as I am using the phone just to record notes, it is probably not a big contributor to my smartphone addiction. I can probably get by until the pocket notebooks arrive.

Exercised again with the Bullworker today. I wasn't consistent with it last week, but I'm hoping that will change this week. I'm doing the 90 day sit-at-home routine. Since this is week 2, I'm now doing 20 reps per exercise.

Today I consciously made an effort to limit the amount of time I spent playing videogames. The end result was that I had an hour or two left to do something else. I used an hour to read a book and wow did I end up sleepy at just 9:45 pm. That also left me with some more time to write down this journal entry before the clock goes past 10:30pm. I think that's an improvement. Now it's time to get some sleep...

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