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11/20/2019 – Wednesday

Why doesn't Jesus just cure everyone? I think that blindly doing so, (forgive the pun), would not bring people back to God. I also think that at times it is not Jesus doing the healing, but a person's faith that determines if they get healed or not. This is not to say that Jesus or God does not have the power to heal, but that He lets people choose to believe, so that they can be healed.

Instead of keeping a pinned Bookmarks page, maybe I should just use bookmarks hashtags instead. – Yes, I made that change eventually.

Instead of playing Stars Wars Jedi: Fallen Order last night, I ended up playing XCOM 2 and Pro Evolution Soccer 2019. – This highlights the need I had for planning my leisure activities back then.

Davin has taken to calling me Mufasa lately. He calls my wife Nala. And he calls my brother Scar LOL!

I'm trying to use the Ate app as a food diary, but lately I keep forgetting to use it before eating. It is especially problematic at home because I leave my phone in the room; I don't carry it around the house. To make it work at home, I would have to bring my phone with me to the dinner table, but that kinda goes against my practice of digital minimalism.


I’m done offering a stupid newsletter...

I’m done offering free ebooks as incentives to signup...

I’m done creating courses that I have to spend hours creating only to discover that no one is signing up because I don’t get enough traffic.

I’m done sharing my writing five times a day on several different social media sites...

Damn! Dan must have been really fired up when he wrote this. To clarify, he is railing against what he calls the traditional model of blogging. I don't think he is railing against blogging in general, or writing on the web for that matter.


For the start of 2020, I wanted to add another pinned page to this site, but I noticed that the existing pinned pages were already starting to crowd the navbar. So I wanted to unpin some of the pages to make way for a new one. I've decided to unpin two pages... for now.

Unpinned the Bookmarks Page

The original intent of the Bookmarks page was to save bookmarks for myself, while at the same time making the links available to others. Lately, I've noticed that I've stopped updating this page with new links, and instead opted to write new posts where I talk a little bit about the content of the article that I'm sharing, while at the same time sharing the link to said article. With the use of a “Bookmarks” hashtag on those posts, I feel like that is a better way to save and share bookmarks as there is some context as to why I thought a certain article/post was interesting in the first place.


Link: Please for the love of Blarg, Start a Blog

Move to your own little island archipelago on the internet. What Warren Ellis coined as “The Isles of Blogging”. Each blog “a little radio station broadcasting though the night” ... Early 2018 being the start of the Archipelago (re)settlement in my mind. The seas of social media have risen around us. So blogs, what once were the mountain tops of internet culture have become little Islands.

I love this analogy of blogging in today's age where social media dominates the internet.


We're already in the middle of December and I'm still so far behind on my journal entries. My last entry was based off my Bullet Journal Daily Log entries from way back in July. The reason I'm so far behind is because after my digital declutter phase, I decided to decrease the amount of journal entries I wrote. I thought I could get by with one journal entry a month. I was wrong.

I want to get to a point where I can just write one journal entry a week. So, now I'm playing catch-up. To do that, I plan on writing at least one journal entry a day until I catch up to my entries for the month of December.

On a somewhat related note, one thing this proves is that if you want to always have something to write about on your website, maintaining a real journal is one way to accomplish that. Write down your thoughts and ideas on a real notebook. Later you can use your notebook as a source of ideas for new blog posts.

#Writing #Blogging

So when I started this experiment, I wanted to see what would happen if I disable the ability for me to view this site's stats. The result, a much better online writing experience. Not being influenced by the number of readers I get, allows me to simply not worry about it. It makes it easier to just write about something I want to write about. It makes it easier to write for myself.

As a related update to the results from Experiment Log – 001, I found that the number of readers did not increase in the 2nd half of that experiment. It stayed low when my posts were not being listed in the Read.Write.As feed. As I stated in the results for that experiment though, I no longer care about that.


It's been almost one month since I started this experiment. I've decided to end it at the start of a new month, just because I didn't see any benefit to prolonging it. I started this experiment with the intention of answering the questions below. And so here are the answers.

I want to see if not publishing to the Read Write.As feed will decrease the number of people reading my posts.

So this was interesting because during the start of this experiment, I still had access to my site's stats. However, a little over a week after starting this experiment, I started Experiment Log – 003, which basically hid my site's stats.


That “something else” might be something similar to the Hawthorne's. Of course it might not be on that intimate of a level, but to have another individual read our entries and build a joint narrative alongside us – a vision of writing on the web as writing in a shared journal.

I think CJ Eller in this post touched upon something that I didn't know was at the back of my mind; part of me wants my close friends to also be writing journals or writing on their own blogs.

Back when I was in high school, it was me and a couple of friends who were always playing around with computers and consequently the internet. We had our own Archmage guild. We tried to find ways to end up in the same kingdom when playing Utopia. We spent countless nights hanging out on mIRC channels. We had customized Friendster profiles. We had our own blogs. We basically followed each other online, just like close friends do.


Dino Bansigan is concerned about writing “more for myself and less to an audience” but I find myself wondering why those must be seen as mutually exclusive. Is it not possible to write for oneself yet to an audience?

Bix asked a good question that I don't have an answer to.

For some reason, I cannot wrap my head around the concept of writing for myself, but at the same time writing to an audience. I feel like if I can just look at it from a different angle though, I would figure it out. The closest thing I can think of, is writing for myself but writing in such a way that the content is palatable to readers. But then, wouldn't I be writing to an audience?


How I Know I'm Writing To An Audience

  • I keep checking the view counts on my posts.
  • I keep checking the stats on my site.
  • I'm using the pronoun “we”, instead of “I” when I'm writing a post.
  • I'm trying to add context to my post, or trying to explain something in my post, which would not have been necessary had I been the only intended audience. For example, trying to explain or justify why I made a specific decision is a hint that I'm writing to an audience other than myself.
  • I'm writing in a way as to encourage comments from readers. – I don't really do this on posts on this online journal, but more so on posts on my dev blog.

If I keep those listed cues in mind, I should be able to write more for myself and less to an audience.

#Reflection #Writing #Blogging