Am I Called to Be a Prophet?

Excellent Sunday homily from Bishop Barron. He's drawing attention to yesterday's reading from Ezekiel Chapter 2. Every baptized Christian and that includes me, is called to be a Prophet.

Each one of us who have been baptized in the Christian faith, are all prophets in a way, because we are expected to spread the word of God.

I have tried doing that on this journal. Every once in awhile, I talk about God, I talk about my faith, I share some Christian music, I share some interesting homilies like this one. And whenever I do, I notice that I would lose readers and subscribers. It has been a stumbling block for me. Sometimes, I ask myself, what's the point of doing so, if no one is listening?

But towards the end of his homily, Bishop Barron does two things:

And all of a sudden, my stumbling block is gone. I have no more excuses.

I shouldn't worry if I lose readers and subscribers because I try to share the word of God. On the contrary, I should expect opposition when I take up this task.

And as it was written in Ezekiel 2:5 — it doesn't matter whether people listen to me or not. The point is that they would have known that there was a prophet in their midst. The point is, that I as a baptized Christian, took on the role of being a prophet to my own people. The point is, that whether I was successful or not, I was faithful to the word of God.

And so now I'm curious. To the people who read this journal, does this kind of content turn you away? Why do you follow this journal? What kind of content on this journal made you subscribe?

I am curious to hear your thoughts. Please leave me a comment below, or for private messages, send me an email.

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