It's Okay to Not Have Anything to Blog or Write About

Don't force yourself to blog when you don't want to.

This is a rule or tip I've seen from other bloggers in the past. But I didn't really internalize it, until I made blogging less of a priority in my life.

I always had something to say. In fact, I kept writing down thoughts and ideas into my journal, so that I would always have something to say. But soon enough it became like work to me. More of a chore instead of a fun hobby.

Nowadays, I'm finding that it's okay to not have anything to blog or write about. It's okay to not want to do any blogging or writing whatsoever. It's okay to... gasp ...want to do something else.

Write, when you have something to say. Take the time to do something else, when you don't.

Keep it fun or you'll risk burning out.

Tags: #Reflection #Blogging #Writing

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