Journal Entry – 001

Tried out some new things today. I kept my phone in my drawer while at work, or at least I tried to. Once the phone went in the drawer, I felt immediately less distracted. And I even forgot about it at times, which seems amazing to me. I would say it helped me be more productive at work today. And it stopped me from having the urge to use the web browser on my phone.

The main drawback was not noticing the messages that my wife sent me. She hasn't complained about it yet, but still. I do have an old Fitbit Charge and it was supposed to notify me, however it was somewhat inconsistent. Sometimes I would get a notification, sometimes I won't. I think the vibration is too soft on it which is how I miss most notifications. It almost, almost, made me want to get an Apple Watch, but no. I don't have money to buy an Apple Watch and I really like wearing traditional watches. I'm one of those weird people who wears a traditional watch and an activity tracker.

I ate solid food for lunch today. I've been on a smoothie diet for what, like 3 weeks already? The past few days I've been craving solid foods. So I got tofu with noodles and veggies for lunch today. I devoured it, it was delicious.

I've been working on the same bug for a few days now. The more I work on it, the more I start to think that it might not even be a bug. I've wasted hours on it earlier today trying to come up with a SQL script to fix the issue. Every time I get close to a working script, I start feeling like it wasn't broken to begin with. I need to talk to my manager tomorrow. I don't think it's a bug.

I've been playing a lot of video games lately. Probably too much. I was playing PES 2019 earlier today and sort of neglected my son for just a split second. He was saying “D for Duck! Duck, duck, duck! But I wasn't paying attention as I was losing the game. That's not really the dad I want to be. I also need to allocate more time to reading books and catching up to my shows.

Still on my quest to get nicer, cleaner URLs so I'm trying something new with journal entry titles. Also I've noticed that not all my posts are journal entries, so I will start tagging journal entries to make them easier to find later.

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