Weeknotes – 001

Trying out something new here. I'm so far behind on my journal entries, there's no hope of catching up soon. So, I'm going to give weeknotes a try. The idea is to list what I've been up to this past week or so. What makes this easier for me is that these notes have already been typed into Obsidian. All I have to do is copy paste them into a post. And so before exhaustion kicks in, I'm going to get started...

Working with Obsidian and building a personal knowledge base has me on a high. I've been writing so much today (this week), it's crazy. And all this writing was done offline. If that isn't “writing for myself”, I don't know what is. I may be getting tired of writing blog posts, but apparently, I'm not tired of writing.

This leads me to thinking that this might be a better way to pass down my journal entries to my kids. Plain text files should hopefully outlive me. I don't have to do it through an online journal or a blog. I can just pass off my collection of text files to them.

It's interesting that, I am using a blog/journal, to post on social media to let my friends know I'm still alive. The problem is that the feed on social media runs on an algorithm. That means, my post might never even show up for my friends before they stop scrolling. Which means, what I'm using social media for, is actually not working for me.

Another interesting thing, is how logging daily notes in Obsidian, means I write down less stuff on my bullet journal. I don't know if this is good or bad. Cal Newport would probably say it is bad, because then I am increasing the time I spend looking at computer screens.

Have been dealing with WCF errors this week. I am so ready to leave behind WCF and move on to Restful API services.

I am little by little, slowly getting addicted to Obsidian. I even have it on my work PC now.

The description on my online journal was, “A peek into the mind of a software developer, husband, dad and gamer.” While somewhat true, now that I think about it, it's more of “A peek into the life of a software developer, husband, dad and gamer.” That's because a lot of the content I put out on there (here), is about stuff that's happened to me and to the people around me. There are occasional instances where you get an idea of what's on my mind, but mostly, it's about what happened to me. It is more like a diary, or a journal.

What I'm trying to get at is, the description — “A peek into the mind of a software developer, husband, dad and gamer” — is actually a better fit for a digital garden. A digital garden is exactly that, a peek into someone's mind. While a journal, or a diary, is more of a peek into someone's life.

For lunch, I ate a heavy meal from Panda Express. Later in the afternoon, I got a free Venti Vanilla Bean Latte from Coney. According to Fitbit, with the Venti Vanilla Bean Latte, I've already hit my target goal as far as amount of calories goes for the day. This shows how useful food tracking is. If I weren't tracking, I would have ate normally at dinner, which means I would have ate more than I was supposed to.

Currently trying out two other alternatives for my music blog. I'm trying one with Tumblr and another with Wordpress.

So, everytime I share a song, I try to do it on all three blogs. I find it easiest to share music to Tumblr. Next is Write.as. Last is Wordpress. Posting on Wordpress feels slow and can sometimes feel clunky. It's unfortunate because the Wordpress blog is the best looking of them all.

I'm starting to notice a difference between what I write on my bullet journal, and what I write in Obsidian for my digital garden. The things that happened to me, the things I did — those are the ones that go into my bullet journal.

On the other hand, useful realizations, ideas, thoughts that I've come across while reading or watching something — those go into Obsidian to grow my digital garden.

I noticed that Davin had a small nick on his wrist. It's close to the spot where he wears his Potty Training Watch. I'm not sure how, but we've stopped letting him wear the watch. It is unfortunate because it was pretty effective at getting him to pee on a schedule. But I'd rather not have him hurt himself in the process. Especially since he has this tendency to say he's okay, even when he's hurting.

Another night, another game of Protect the Pride Lands with Davin. This board game has been such a hit with Davin. He's requested to play this game every night since it arrived. It's good father and son bonding time for both of us.

You think compromise is a weakness. It’s not. It’s survival. ~ Waldo, Into The Badlands, Season 2 – Episode 4

God gives us his gifts, so we can be gifts to each other. ~ Fr. Anthony Densmore

If you don’t know about your past, you can’t shape your future. ~ Kemal, The Protector, Season 1 – Episode 5

Okay this post ended up longer than I expected. I'll try to be more selective next time. Otherwise I fear I'm going to get tired of keeping this up as well. Anyway, until I get a digital garden website up and running, this will have to do. I'll catch y'all later.

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