You Can’t Take It With You – Bishop Barron's Sunday Sermon

This is perhaps the best sermon I've heard from Bishop Barron. In this sermon, he talks about how earthly goods and values keep us in an addictive pattern. To counter that, he talks about knowing how to “wear the goods of the world lightly.” It's an excellent sermon that ties in the first and second readings to the Gospel.

If you have an interest in minimalism, detaching from material possessions, finding joy and happiness with less, you might want to watch this. It's 14 minutes long, but well worth your time.

Here are some of my takeaways from this sermon:

Earthly goods will keep you in an addictive pattern. You'll want more and more and more. And chances are, you'll get more and more and more. And yet, you'll never be satisfied.

The more you cling to the goods of the world, the more you become imprisoned by them.

The goods of the world talked about here are not limited to material possessions. They can be immaterial things too like fame, honor, reputation, likes, hearts, etc... If you cling on to those, you will also be imprisoned by them.

Nothing in this world lasts. And so while we can cling to them, they will still fade away. We will still fade away. And so what's the point of trying to hang on to them?

What should we do instead?

We should savor the moment, but not cling to it. Detach and let it go. Don't be imprisoned by the goods of the world.

Guess what doesn't fade away?

The Word of God. It's been here for 2000 years now. That should give you an idea of what you should be clinging to instead.

If you keep your focus on Christ, then in turn you'll learn how to deal with the goods of the earth in a manner that doesn't consume you, in a manner that doesn't keep you addicted, in a manner that doesn't imprison you.

Lastly, he ends his sermon with this wonderful quote from Cardinal George of Chicago. Read it a couple of times and let it sink in. It might just change your life.

The only thing you take with you into the life to come, is what you've given away on earth.

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