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Got this link from the wife. I have gone through the whole post. This might be the most comprehensive and well researched post on COVID-19 that is helpful to the general population. There's a good amount of info on how to avoid getting the virus, including info on how to strengthen the immune system. There is also this:

Apart from regular hand washing, I believe that daily and frequent nasal irrigation is one of the MOST important things that we can do to prevent influenza and other viral respiratory infections from taking hold. This is because after exposure to a virus, the influenza virus tries to invade and multiply in your nasal passages for at least 1-2 days before you develop any symptoms. Nasal irrigation can wash away viral particles before they have the opportunity to take hold, and thereby prevent many infections from happening in the first place!

I've heard of irrigating your nose. At one point, I even had my own Neti pot at home. What I didn't know is how helpful irrigating your nose is for general health, until I read the quote above.

Link: Coronavirus (COVID-19): What a Pediatrician Wants You to Know

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12/09/2019 - Monday

I was looking at the wallpapers on my work PC and thought about how good looking the FD Mazda RX-7 is, even by today's standards. If only you could drive it and not worry about fuel efficiency, that would be great. Which also makes me think that it would be really cool if Mazda could bring it back as a hybrid or electric car. – For photos of nicely modded RX-7s, check out this post from Speedhunters.

A big method or function means that it could contain a lot more business logic than it's supposed to. Which means it might already be violating the single responsibility principle (as far as that method is concerned, that is). A bigger method means that a small code change inside that method has the potential to break more stuff. It also makes it harder to test.

The Field Notes pocket notebooks pair really well with the Zebra Grand Sarasa pens. I don't get smudges on it even if I don't dab my writing with a paper towel, which is what I have to do when writing on my LEUCHTTURM1917 Bullet Journal. To me it seems like their paper just absorbs ink better. There's also less bleedthrough compared to my Moleskine and LEUCHTTURM1917 notebooks.


Finished reading The Simple Path to Wealth a few days ago, so I thought I'll share my thoughts on it.

Why did I pick up this book? I don't exactly remember how I heard about JL Collins' book, but somehow I did and that lead me to reading the first few pages of his book. I liked what I read and decided to purchase the book. Before picking this up, I was looking for another book on personal finance that is mainly focused on getting out of debt. That wasn't exactly what this book focused on, but I liked it nonetheless.


Some wonderful pieces on the topic of writing.

I’m talking about even those moments when inspiration strikes. You have a “brilliant” thought and you sit down to write but what comes out is banality. Your sentences don’t flow and your words can hardly express what’s really in your head. It all feels like a farce. – From The thing about writing by Rebecca Toh

Yep, that's me. That's why I can't rush my writing. When I do, it always ends up as crap. The best advice I've seen on writing was a post here on Read.Write.As, about waiting a day or two before hitting the Publish button. Allow yourself some time to sort through the jumble of words coming from your head.

But writing is also my vice. It is an obsession, all consuming, something that I can't stop thinking about even when doing other things. It is a habit I cannot shake, one that I must live with, am more than willing to do so.

Because I still want all of this to mean something. – From Colin Walker

Isn't that what we all want in the end? For all of this to mean something? So true.

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Note: If you're new to the game, there might be some mild spoilers in this post that you would want to avoid. Though if you watched trailers or gameplay videos, then they might not be spoilers for you. Anyway, you've been warned.

12/06/2019 – Friday


I initially hated exploring Kashyyyk, the homeworld of the Wookies, but it turned out to be one of the best moments in the game. You get to ride the Shyyyo bird, you get to upgrade to a double-bladed lightsaber setup (ala Darth Maul) and you get a great boss battle against the Ninth Sister. It's also a really beautiful planet once you make it to the top of the tree.


12/06/2019 – Friday

On the way to the car wash today, I finally opened up the engine. Went WOT and it felt good! The car is feeling good. It feels fun to drive my Mazdaspeed3 once more. – Was previously holding back due to a new clutch.

I've been on fire today, writing code and sending them for code reviews left and right. I've accomplished a lot (at work) this year actually. I worked on the move from MongoDB to Azure. I've helped with the work for the 1.5 Core Team. Now working on this new stuff with Debit Cards. If this doesn't get me a raise, I don't know what will. Might be time to move on if that's the case.


Loved this piece from Nate at Many Sparrows.

I am not saying I necessarily want to take one photo a day, but I do want to start documenting my days a bit more. Besides just writing, I want to take some pictures, too. MY day(s) may not be super exciting, but I think they are worth documenting for me, anyway. – From A Photo A Day by tmo

Interesting that I am contemplating the same thing; taking a photo of my day and posting it on here. In my case, this idea came to mind after reading this bit from Warren Ellis:

I have a particular set of wants for the isles of blogging. I want to know what you are seeing, doing, thinking. The /now page movement started by Derek Sivers is smart, but requires people to update their /now page on the regular, and, generally, they just don’t. I use a Status category on this site, which is actually linked in the footer of my emails, so, if people feel the need, they can click through to see how fucked I am on any given day. I like this to be primarily located here, even though it does pass through to social media...

The idea of sharing a photo as a status update is interesting to me, especially with the free photo hosting benefit you get as part of a Write.as Pro account. It kinda sounds like a Photo 365 or 365 Project kind of a thing, but it doesn't have to be. It could simply be a photo of your day documented and shared online.


Just wanted to point out that me and my wife have been enjoying reading the On Parenting series that Daniel Rose has been sharing on the Read.Write.As feed. As a young parent, I find a lot of the info shared in those posts to be useful and refreshing. Refreshing in the sense that it makes me reconsider what I think I know about parenting. And it also challenges my preconceptions of how I think parenting should be done.

When you choose experience over stuff you are also choosing relationship. Just giving children stuff communicates that you would prefer them to be seen not heard. Experiences are almost always linked to engagement. Leaving town or heading out on a local adventure usually means that there are significant times where the phones are put away and we are doing something together. – From On Parenting: Experience Over Stuff

My wife texted me that quote after I sent her a number of links for reading. She said she loved it, so do I.


Found an index for the most popular programming languages as of today, it is called the TIOBE Index. If you have an interest in software development, you might want to check it out. If you want to get into software development, then this index can tell you what programming languages to learn right now.

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12/04/2019 – Wednesday

Played Gears 5 for the first time. It is my first ever game from the Gears of War series. Very nice game. A violent game though. It does provide the option to change the “Mature Content” settings, which allow you to dial down gore and swearing in the game. I wish more video games would add those kinds of settings. It's a really good game with an interesting story and engaging dialogue.

One thing that I don't like is the aiming. It doesn't have the aim-assist that I'm used to from games like Division 2.

In Gears 5, if you aim badly, you've aimed badly. Doesn't matter what gun you are using, you're not hitting the target with a bad aim.

In Division and Division 2, your weapon has an accuracy stat that determines how good your aim-assist is. For example, you have an enemy running across the street from you. You point your crosshair in the direction of the enemy and hit the AIM button. Your weapon's accuracy stat then determines how good the aim-assist is going to be, thereby making it easier or harder to hit your target. A weapon with very high accuracy stat even allows you to aim slightly to the side of the target's body and the aim-assist will still pull the crosshair to the middle, giving you a good shot. I like this game design because it gives weapons in the game their own distinct character. It makes for a very engaging way to play the game.

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