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Cars Stayed up to watch Cars 3, then Cars 1 with Davin last night. As is customary, Davin will line up his cars on the bed while watching the movies.

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I started this experiment with the intention of better planning my leisure activities, through the process of weekly planning. Here is what I've discovered after a month of weekly planning.


I have a number of gaming journal entries scattered throughout my bullet journal. I'm going to start a “Gaming Journal” collection page to better organize them, but for now, here are the entries that I've fallen behind on.

07/06/2019 – Saturday

Physical Contact seems to be a very important attribute in Pro Evolution Soccer 2019. For defenders, it allows them to get in front of attackers just before they make a shot. The Center Back K. Manolas exemplifies this attribute a lot.

One of the biggest threats in PES 2019 is the low cross. Typically what would happen is, a low cross comes in and the opposing team's striker will seal off my defenders to allow themselves an easy volley in front of goal. I see this happen a lot when playing against elite level teams. When I finally got K. Manolas on my team, I noticed that he was a lot better at defending against the low cross. He would get in front of strikers to clear the ball away.


Picking up where I left off, with entries from back in November...

11/07/2019 – Thursday

Trying out the use of a Screen Time pass code to stop myself from enabling/using the Safari browser on my phone. – Wrote about this in more detail in this post.

Instead of getting rid of my Fitbit, maybe I can delete my account and the related data on that account, then create a new account using a pseudonym. That way, if Google does indeed harvest Fitbit's health data, there would still be a little measure of privacy, maybe? – Mentioned this workaround at the end of this post.


Interesting read on why you should quit the news, with some history lesson thrown in as well. This one is a lengthy read (45 minutes estimate), so best to read this on your lunch break or after work.

Well, that’s easy. The goal of the news is to motivate you to keep consuming news.

This is something that I only realized the past few months when I tried decreasing my consumption of news. Now I can't stop noticing it. If you look at how they structure the presentation of news in like the morning news shows, they do it in a way to keep you hooked on news.

Same thing on news websites. They want you on their website as long as possible, nudging you to click links left and right so that you stay even longer on their site. If their job was to inform, they've done it, but do they have to try and hold my attention all day? That's the part that gets to me.


Picking up where I left off, with entries from back in November...

11/04/2019 – Monday

Did not feel like going to the office this morning, but managed to drag myself out of bed and into the shower, into the car and eventually, into the office.

I'm thinking of moving my Game Log posts from my gaming blog into my online journal. – I made this change some time after. You can find the gaming log posts here.

11/05/2019 – Tuesday

Drove the wife's CX-5 to work today because she has the day off. Perfect timing too, because I unexpectedly got stuck in really bad traffic. – As much as I love driving my Speed3, getting stuck in traffic is never fun in a car with a manual transmission.


Another Friday, another music log. I only have two songs for today but they are really good rock songs.

Let's start with “Sick of Me” by Beartooth. Most of their songs fall on the heavy metal, hard rock side of things, but they have a few which are the perfect combination of those genres. This song is one of them. This is a great song about making the effort and pushing yourself, so you end up in a far better place than where you are right now.

I lost six of my years Fighting fire with fear And it's tearing me apart inside I can point all the blame Try to relieve the shame But I think it's time I took back my life

'Cause I'm sick of the person I used to be So stressed out, burned out, living in my agony Hated all the words that they said to me So I jacked up, blacked out, wasted all those memories

I won't go back ... 'Cause I'm sick of you I'm sick of me I'm sick of the person I used to be


To anyone/everyone here on w.a that is 35+ years of age, lemme ask you something: do you feel as if being old(er) gives you less options in life? I don’t mean you aren’t capable physically, or even mentally, but are just not capable karmically?

Physically, yes. Mentally, I think being older gives me more options. Karmically, I would say no, because I wouldn't know. I cannot correlate actions in the past that would have stopped me from doing what I plan to do years into the future. I can only observe where I am right now based on my actions in the past, but not with regards to future plans.


I created a Glitch App that displays the most viewed posts on this online journal. I embedded it on my About page. Just to show how easy it is to embed a Glitch app into a Write.as post, I embedded it at the bottom of this post too. For more information on embedding Glitch apps into posts on Write.as, look here.


For those interested in #SoftwareDevelopment, I wrote about the Single Responsibility Principle on my dev blog.

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