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Update 06/22/2020: Didn't realize that the JavaScript that I talked about in this post, was actually creating a Next link for this post. It thought this was a Journal Entry post, because it found that text in here. That's hilarious, but that is also part of the fun of tinkering. I have fixed it.

Finally got full blog post navigation working for my Journal Entries. If you have JavaScript enabled on your browser, you could effectively navigate from Journal Entry – I up to Journal Entry – XVI, then continue on to Journal Entry – 001, all the way up to the latest one (as of this writing), Journal Entry – 060. You can also navigate from Journal Entry – 060, all the way back down to Journal Entry – I.

Getting Post Slug and Index

To make navigation work between blog posts in a series, I made use of a standard format for post slugs/URLs. I call them “indexed” entries because I added an index to the end of the slug/URL. For example, “journal-entry-001”, “journal-entry-002”, “journal-entry-003” and so on. It's really just a way to help me figure out the sequence of posts.

So, first off, here is the JavaScript for getting the post slug from the URL. Then from there, getting the post index from the slug. Without this code, it will be impossible to automatically generate the links to the Previous and Next posts.

var element = document.querySelector('meta[property="og:url"]');
var content = element && element.getAttribute("content");

// Get post slug
var postSlug = content.split('/').pop();
var postIndex = postSlug.split('-').pop();

It's a game that has been on my radar for a couple of years now and that $14.99 price point was just too good to pass up.

I find myself in the same situation. I usually wait till a game's price drops to $20 and below before I buy them. That's how I bought XCOM 2, Sleeping Dogs and other video games.

The game is open ended MMO, but the galaxy can be explored off line as well. I like to do things at my own pace, so I'll be playing the game off-line at least for the foreseeable future.

Interesting, I might check this out then. Can it be paused at any time? One of the things I look for in games nowadays is if it can be paused at any point in the game. This is so I can respond to calls for milk and cookies from my little gremlins.


The Facebook Dilemma is a two part documentary from Frontline. Here is a description of the documentary from their website:

The promise of Facebook was to create a more open and connected world. But from the company’s failure to protect millions of users’ data, to the proliferation of “fake news” and disinformation, mounting crises have raised the question: Is Facebook more harmful than helpful? This major, two-night event investigates a series of warnings to Facebook as the company grew from Mark Zuckerberg’s Harvard dorm room to a global empire. With dozens of original interviews and rare footage, The Facebook Dilemma examines the powerful social media platform’s impact on privacy and democracy in the U.S. and around the world.

Overall, it was a pretty good documentary. They weren't lying about the original interviews and rare footage. It reveals insights into company culture — why Facebook is the way it is now and how they got there.


Could not use the Xbox because Davin was watching Cars yet again. So, I decided to watch the PBS Documentary The Facebook Dilemma instead. What a very interesting one. I'll talk about it in a separate post.

Eat until you are 80% full. A good tip I read from the Japanese Contentments book. I also need to start implementing it.

Decided not to exercise and instead went to work assembling the glider for Coney. This was going to be my exercise. Unfortunately, the hardware needed to assemble the glider was missing. Not to mention, the Ottoman that came with it was damaged. Last time, we returned the glider because the base on the glider was damaged. This time, since only the Ottoman is damaged, we've decided not to return the glider. We instead called customer service to ask them to send us the missing hardware and a replacement for the damaged Ottoman.


The Witcher

No spoiler thoughts on Season 1 of The Witcher on Netflix. It is a pretty good show. The story was interesting, though the way it was told was confusing (more on this further below). The fight scenes were great. The dialogue was funny. Geralt's one liners were hilarious. The bard Jaskier was great as comic relief. The soundtrack was pretty good too. I'm assuming the songs composed for the show were original ones? If so, they were pretty good. For awhile after watching the finale, I kept singing, “Toss a coin to your Witcher, oh valley of plenty.” Damn that song is so catchy! There is some nudity, but not enough to make me feel uncomfortable watching it around kids. Certainly not as much nudity as in Game of Thrones.

Okay, so the way they told the story was weird and confusing. The scenes that focused on Ciri represented the current/present time in the story. The scenes focused on Geralt were flashbacks. The show never tells you this though. I only figured it out 4 episodes into the show. The scenes that focused on Geralt, start as flashbacks and progress forward until you get to the last episode of the season. That is where the story of Geralt finally catches up to the present time in the story. It sounds cool now that I think about it, but it ended up confusing me. They could have handled it better I suppose. Still a really good show. I'm looking forward to Season 2.

This post is Day 3 of my #100DaysToOffload challenge. Visit https://100daystooffload.com to get more info, or to get involved.

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It has been a stressful week for reasons I don't want to elaborate on. But there was good news yesterday and that's all that matters right now. What a coincidence it is, that yet again, these are the kind of songs I have lined up for today. Anyway, it's time for another music log Friday.

The first track today is perhaps my best discovery last year. It is the song “Shine” by Mondo Cozmo. I do not remember where I heard it from. It was probably from the Top 50 Rock Songs of 2019 countdown. Honestly, not the song I expected to hear from an artist who does folk rock/indie rock music. But either way, this is a great song. It is about trusting in Jesus and living life the best you can, without telling others how to live their lives. It reminds me of something I read in the Word on Fire Bible — that each one of us is responsible for our own salvation. Stop looking at what other people are doing and focus instead on what you should be doing.

This song has some really good lyrics too. It starts out with this:

Stick with me Jesus through the comin' storm I've come to you in search of something I have lost Shine down a light on me and show a path I promise you I will return if you take me back

Then on the bridge there's the lyrics below. It nearly brought tears to my eyes when I first heard them. This is such a good song.

Come with me Mary through these modern lines Stick with me Jesus til' the end of time Shine down a light on me and let me know And take me in your arms and never let me go


We returned the damaged glider to Amazon by dropping it off at a UPS store. I like this option because all I needed to do was get a return barcode through their app, then drop off the product in the original packaging. Didn't have to print a shipping label or prep the box for shipping. Just bring the box over, show the barcode and you're done. It also helped that I had a trolley to move the box around.

The trolley I mentioned above, is one that I bought from Costco. It is proving itself to be useful. I've used it for moving around various items — from heavy exercise equipment, to heavy furniture, to heavy shipping boxes, to heavy packages of water bottles. It has been a good buy.


An Echo of Things to Come by James Islington

Finished reading the book An Echo of Things to Come by James Islington a few weeks ago, here are my thoughts on it.

Why did I pick up this book?

This is the second book in the Licanius Trilogy. The first book ended in such a crazy cliffhanger that I couldn't not pick up this second book.

What did I like about this book?

It continues the story of Caeden, Davian and the rest of the crew. A good part of the second book is Caeden uncovering his memories of the past. At first it starts out slow, but once it picked up, I couldn't wait to read more of his flashbacks.


Was playing around with Blazor and created this site. It is a static site that has web apps written in C# instead of Javascript. Why? Because with Blazor, you can.

Next step is figuring out how I can embed Blazor apps.

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In my second play-through of Ace Combat 7, I flew the Gripen E for Mission 10. The Gripen E is a multi-role fighter, so it excels in both air-to-air and air-to-ground missions. Mission 10 in particular has a good mix of both. The first part of the mission is comprised of taking out camouflaged SAM sites. While the tail end of the mission has you going up against a very agile prototype drone. In my opinion, the fight against the drone is harder than taking out the SAM sites. So, as much as I would like to have used the Gripen E's Land Attack Cruise Missiles, I opted to go with Short-Range Aerial Suppression Air-to-Air Missiles.

This first video shows footage of the Gripen E taking out SAM sites. You can see where having access to the long range Land Attack Cruise Missiles could have benefited me. At one point, while my plane was approaching two other SAM sites, I get hit head-on while trying to dodge at the last minute. Had I been able to use the Land Attack Cruise Missiles, I wouldn't even be that close to the SAM sites.


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