No, you won’t make time. Because you can’t. |

An excellent read on the disconnect between wanting to achieve goals and the reality of not having “free time” to achieve them.

Link: No, you won’t make time. Because you can’t.

Here are some of my takeaways from reading this:

To achieve a goal, you have to give up something in return. In most cases, this means giving up time allocated to doing something you like, and using that time to work towards your goal.

You don't have “free time”. While it might seem like we do, we really don't. Most people have their daily routine already set. I know I already do. To carve time out to do something else, means to give up something in your daily routine. So yeah, most people don't have “free time”.

If you're not willing to give up anything to achieve a new goal, then you most likely don't care enough about that new goal in the first place. You can either accept that fact, that the goal will never be achieved, or you give up something in return to achieve that goal.

When reviewing your failures at achieving a certain goal, ask yourself these questions:

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