Journal Entry – 003

Started a new workout routine last night with the Bullworker. I would have preferred to ride my bike with Davin, but when we got home the neighbor was mowing his lawn. Davin hates loud sounds so a bike ride was off the table. He was actually hesitant to even get out of the car. Anyway, weather should be good again later this afternoon, so hopefully no one else is mowing so we can do a bike ride.

MacRide Child Bike Seat This is a photo of the Mac Ride child bike seat setup that I use on my Giant Roam. This is a much better bike seat than the Thule one I previously had. It keeps Davin engaged because he has to put his hands on the handlebar, as if he is steering. And I don't need to bow out my knees a lot to avoid hitting the bike seat.

Ate dinner while reading Tom Clancy's Patriot Games. It is kinda hard to read a real book while trying to eat dinner. I think that is the perfect use case for a Kindle/ebook reader. Put it on a stand and read while you eat.

Watched Game 5 of the NBA finals and was disappointed at the result. Played Fallout 76 for an hour or so. I ended up sleeping at like 12 midnight, not ideal. I need to get myself to sleep earlier.

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