Journal Entry – 007

Good quiet weekend. I got my Father's Day gift a day early from the wife. I had her buy me new books from Cal Newport: Digital Minimalism and Deep Work. I've already started reading Digital Minimalism and I love it. This is my kind of book. I'm hoping I can get some fresh new ideas to help combat my smartphone addiction.

Digital Minimalism

I spent more time playing videogames this weekend than I wanted to. I actually didn't start reading the Digital Minimalism book until I got tired of playing videogames.

NBA 2K19 specifically, was just, I don't know, tiring? I used to love playing NBA 2K games, but I haven't been enjoying them for a few months now. It's like I don't get a sense of accomplishment from finishing a game, even if I win. Like I felt like I just wasted my time for nothing? Honestly, I would rather play Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 than NBA 2K19 right now. Master League in PES 2019 is a whole lot of fun.

Reading the Digital Minimalism book actually inspired me to get some stuff done. I've been putting off going through the mounting pile of mails, but I went through all of them today and got it done.

I ended up installing Instagram this weekend, because my wife shared a Father's Day greeting for me on there. I just mentioned on my previous entry that I haven't posted to Instagram for almost a month now, and that my brain was no longer expecting me to get likes, so I didn't feel compelled to check for notifications. Well that streak just ended today when I posted about the books I got from my wife.

Immediately after I posted, or maybe an hour or so after posting, I started to get the itch to check Instagram. It was like my brain was telling me, “hey you might have gotten some likes, go check Instagram.” I managed to keep my phone away from me throughout most of the day. Still the pull to check for notifications was strong, I hated it.

I believe this proves my theory that if you stop posting, you stop getting the urge to check for notifications. So I guess this means, I can keep using Instagram as long as I don't post anything. Or maybe an alternate solution, is to delete the app right after posting. This means I would have to wait until the next weekend before I can install the app again. That might be worth a try if I feel like I want to post something.

Back to this Digital Minimalism book. This book is going to ask me to do a digital declutter. I need to come up with a list of rules that I need to follow during the 30-day digital declutter phase. I've already done some declutter, but this one is a more focused and intentional declutter.

Part of this digital declutter might be avoiding writing new entries on here, maybe, I still haven't decided yet, but definitely avoiding the feed. I'll compensate by writing journal entries on a real notebook or on my bullet journal. After the digital declutter phase, there is a step to reintroduce “optional” technologies back into your life, so I'm guessing writing journal entries on here is one I will bring back, I think, we'll see...

In addition, I need to come up with replacement activities that I can engage in during this phase.

I think for this upcoming digital declutter, I'll try my hand again at removing the browser from my phone. That will be... fun.

Lastly, yesterday was the first time that Davin showed the ability to fully play Temple Run. He only used to know how to swipe up and down. And so he would make my wife or myself play it for him. Now he can swipe left and right. He can basically play the game on his own now. The amazing thing is, he hasn't asked us to play this game in a long time. It's like all of a sudden, he already knows how to play it. Kids are amazing.

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