Journal Entry – 006

I just recalled a discussion I had with my wife a few weeks ago about an advantage online journals had over their paper counterparts; you can embed photos and videos to online journals. I couldn't have been more wrong, especially on the part about embedding photos. You can attach photos to paper journals, you just have to print them first! (Insert mind blown/face palm gif here... I'm too lazy to find one right now...)

I was on Instagram yesterday, yes I broke my own rule of not having it installed on weekdays, but it was for a good cause, it was to greet my friend whose wife just gave birth to their first born, I ran into the “BulletJournal” hashtag and it was a revelation. People were doing way more with their Bullet Journals than I was. That's where I saw people attaching photos and doing other creative stuff on their journals.

There were some instances though, where I thought that others overdid it just for the purpose of sharing it on social media. Anyway, like my wife always says, “stay in your lane bro.” Sounds like I'm being judgemental again, sigh.

I also nearly got sucked-in to losing my time browsing on Instagram. I managed to uninstall it this morning, phew. I'm skipping this weekend and won't install it until the next one comes along. Or maybe until the next month comes along, we'll see.

On a positive note, I have not posted anything new to Instagram since May 17. I have noticed that since I stopped posting, I stopped getting likes, so my brain seems to have stopped expecting to get likes. So now even with the Instagram app installed on my phone, I honestly did not even think “oh I have to post something on Instagram today.” What a liberating feeling that is.

I did feel some FOMO after I learned that my friend's wife already gave birth and I didn't know about it, because I wasn't on social media. I eventually learned about it in our group chat and congratulated him there, before installing Instagram to look at the photos and then congratulated him again.

At the end of the day though, I need to look after myself first. I don't want to get lured in by social media again. I've been working so hard on getting over it, I don't want to waste my efforts. I will deal with the occasional missed announcements or highly important (to me) status updates as it comes.

Seeing Klay Thompson hurt his left knee last night was uncomfortable. I had the same thing happen to my left knee, except worse than that. I've never had knee surgery to fix it. Every once in awhile the jealousy of not being able to play basketball competitively hits hard. I've just learned to live with it and move on.

My left knee buckles from time to time when I'm not careful with it. It happens a number of times a year, but I've learned to shift my body weight once it starts happening to lessen the blow. Actually it just happened a few nights ago. I was trying to get off the bed, backwards, leading with my left foot. The angle was wrong, my knee buckled and I could hear/feel the bones hitting each other as it popped, badly, or so I thought.

I sat for a few minutes waiting for the pain to come. Worried that my knee would start swelling and wondering how I was going to get to work tomorrow. It didn't happen, thankfully. As a precaution I applied excessive amounts of Biofreeze around my left knee and put on my knee brace.

It didn't bother me the next day, which makes me wonder... Is my left knee so busted up now, that it no longer swells or registers pain when it buckles?

The Raptors finally won the championship. I was going to write a separate post about it but for some reason, I've lost the urge to do so. Maybe I am posting too much on and I need to scale back my activity on here. Or is it the fact that I was deflated that the Raptors won in the game that the Warriors lost Klay Thompson?

I wanted the Raptors to win the championship, but I wanted them to win against a Warriors lineup that included a healthy Klay Thompson. I guess I wanted them to win that way to convince myself that other teams can beat the Warriors even if they had the trio of Curry, Thompson and Green in the lineup.

It didn't work out that way but I also cannot discredit the Raptors for winning in such circumstances. It was not their fault that the Warriors lineup was plagued with injuries. In fact it proves they were the better team, in that they were able to keep their players healthy all the way to winning the championship.

Congrats to the Toronto Raptors, they have now won their first ever NBA Championship. And rightly so, considering the game of basketball was invented by a Canadian.

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