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I've never been interested in getting an Apple TV subscription, until today. This documentary on Dads looks wonderful.

Happy Father's Day to all the Dads out there!

Found out about this documentary from maique. I would have linked to the Micro.blog post itself, but there doesn't seem to be a way to do that.

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One day God gave me a gift . . .

My newborn was the love of my life. I almost couldn’t pull my eyes away from his perfect face. I knew every cry and exactly how to comfort him. I fed him and changed diapers and breathed in the sweet scent from the top of his head.

I never knew this kind of LOVE existed!

Then one morning I picked him up from the crib and found a chubby baby. His bright eyes danced at the sight of me, and his dimpled face broke into a drooly grin.

My newborn was gone.

I didn’t even get to say goodbye.

Link: Dear Son: I’ve Loved Every Stage With You and I’m Never Ready to Say Goodbye

I got a link to this post from Coney. It was written by a mom, for moms. But, even as a dad, this post still tugs at my heart strings. You'll never know when your child grows up and moves on from one stage to another. Today he might still sleep in your arms, tomorrow he will sleep on his own bed. Today he might still be a toddler, tomorrow he might already be a preschooler. You'll never know if today was the last day you got to carry your kid. This is why I've started recording on my journal the days that I got to carry Davin. I want to remember the last day I got to carry him. Eventually, I will do the same thing for Caleb when he grows older.


Interesting podcast episode on the topic of fatherhood. If you are a father, or are about to become one, you should listen to this podcast. I even think it is a good one for moms to listen to as well. There's some good info on how a father can help the development of a child as they grow up.

Link: Podcast #119: Why Fathers Matter With Paul Raeburn

Children of older fathers have an increased risk of having down syndrome. Children of older fathers have an increased risk of having schizophrenia.

All this time the focus is on how old a mom is when they get pregnant. Turns out, would be fathers should take notice too.

One of the things my wife always gives me a hard time on, is when I don't understand what my son is telling me. She always says, “hinde kame tan entendihan”, that we don't understand each other. Turns out, this might be beneficial to my son. Me talking to him, trying to understand him, using words he is not used to, forces him to expand his vocabulary and better understand how best to communicate with people. Apparently this sort of thing helps them do better in school. Anyway, listen to the podcast, it is an interesting one.

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