Weeknotes – 016

The highlight of last week was a birthday celebration for our little guy. Shout out to the wife for the wonderful decorations and theme. She really outdid herself this time around.

The Chosen One - Harry Potter themed birthday cake. This cake not only looks good, but also taste good. What the Harry Potter design hides, is a delicious Ube flavored cake. Yum yum!

One thing that I thought was a great idea, is to take pictures of your kids as they hit some milestones. Then you can use those pictures as decorations for the birthday party, or just add it to a family photo album. It's a nice way to look back and see how much your child has grown.

After watching the horrible ending on the k-drama Iris, I kinda lost my appetite for watching TV shows. However, I still wanted to watch... something. So, last week I decided to watch some anime instead. I'm watching Kuroko's Basketball on Netflix and I'm enjoying it so far.

I've started noticing that I get annoyed at myself for driving aggressively at times. I used to think it was my car, a 2013 Mazdaspeed3, that caused it. It surely doesn't help that it's a fun car to drive. But no, the car doesn't drive itself. I'm the one driving the car. If I'm driving aggressively, it's because of me and not the car. So, I've been wanting to understand why I drive aggressively at times. And so I bought a book...

The book I bought was, “Curbing Your Road Rage: and Other Important Tips for Getting Along on the Road” by Gordon Feinberg. It's a short book; just 41 pages. But I'm surprised at how much it affected my driving.

My driving is very relaxed and peaceful nowadays. So much so that I'm now wondering if I can move on from the Mazdaspeed3 and get into a bigger family car, like a Mazda6 or an Accord.

Luka hits the game winning shot against the Celtics. That was quite a game!

A fellow Write.as blogger, Mike, wrote this entertaining piece, ‘‘Twas the night before tmo. It is obviously a playful take on what was happening on the read.write.as feed then, but was a fun read nonetheless.

Found a great read on the topic of SEO by Scott Nesbit.

Got the link from jlelse's Blog.

Here are some really nice quotes from a book that I'm trying to finish, The Light of All That Falls by James Islington. I'm already 700 pages into the book and there's still some ways to go. I love the occasional philosophical discussion on morality and free will/choice in this book.

“It’s not enough to fight for the right side. You have to figure out how to fight the right way, too. If winning is truly all that matters, then we’ve lost sight of what’s actually right and wrong in the first place.”

~ Davian

This quote reminds me a lot of something I read from Ryan Holiday last year.

“Remember that your past does not define you — no matter the consequences. Choice is meaningless without consequences, and a privilege we do not deserve if we will not face them.”

~ Raeleth

This one is deep. Choice is meaningless without consequences. Let that sink in for a moment. We live in a world where our actions and choices bear consequences. However, most people would rather not think about the consequences of their actions. And that is sad.

Teach your kids to be comfortable with being bored, so that they won't need to rely on gadgets and devices to keep them entertained.

Lastly, I'll end this post with another #FunnyThingsMyKidsSay entry.

Davin: “Mom, I can see the weather... I think it's Thursday.” 😄

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