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A must-watch for any Papa Roach fan. It talks about the origin of their hit song “Last Resort”.

Did you know that it was originally written on a piano? I never would have guessed.

I didn't use to be a Papa Roach fan back then. But they kept coming out with great tracks throughout the years. And some of their songs really resonated with me. So, I couldn't really help but become a fan. And now I know why.

The video also talks about the battles with alcohol and suicide that Jacoby, the lead singer went through. It gives you an inside look into the humanity behind the band. Now I understand why their songs are deep and heavy. Any song writer who goes through hell, always comes out with great tracks. And we need to treasure these song writers while they're still around. Because not all of them survive their battle against depression and suicide.

For other really good Papa Roach tracks, check out these ones that I shared on my music blog.

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In my journal entry from yesterday, I made a note to myself to write a proper music log entry for the three rock songs I liked after listening to the Top 50 Rock Songs of 2019 countdown. So here they are.

First song is “Degenerates” by A Day to Remember. This is not your typical ADTR track. This one is a little too soft compared to the rest of their tracks, but it is a good one nonetheless.