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It's a beautiful Friday today. Well, it looked beautiful outside, based on what I saw from when I went out to bring in some packages. We are still very much under stay at home orders here. Still very much working from home. Anyway, let's listen to some music shall we? I have 3 songs for today. Let's get started.

To start off, we have “Crawling” by the band Dream State. This is a cover of Linkin Park's original track. It starts out slow, almost like a somber cover of the original, mourning the loss of Linkin Park's Chester Bennington. Thankfully the band does the song justice when it brings in the guitars and the drums and lets the song soar at the end. This is a proper rock cover of the original.


It's not Friday, but I have been struggling through work, trying to come up with a solution that fits the requirements listed in the user story. I'm struggling because I cannot come up with a solution that doesn't involve blowing up other parts of the code. Obviously that's not good, but I'm also running out of options. Anyway, I want to clear my mind. So let's listen to some music shall we?

If you think emo music is dead, well think again. First up is the song “The Fire, The Dark” by the rock band As It Is. It is a pretty good track that sounds like it very much fits into the emo pop category.


What I have in this music log are two songs from some rather unfamiliar bands. I only came upon their songs from the Discover Weekly playlist on Spotify. But just because the songs are from unfamiliar bands, doesn't mean the songs aren't any good. I invite you to give them a chance and take a listen.

First up is the song “Arrows” by the band Last Winter. I tried looking for a music video for this song on Youtube and couldn't find one. I tried looking for lyrics to this song on Bing and couldn't find them. So, like I said above, unfamiliar bands. The only link I could find to this song is through Spotify, so Spotify it is then. Anyway their Spotify bio suggests that they are a pop rock band, which I guess is only partly true. This song is more than just a pop rock track though, as it has hints of pop punk or emo pop to it. Either way, a pretty good song.


Time for another music log because it is Friday. I deem this the Oh, Weatherly edition. This is a new band that I have recently discovered in Spotify. They seem to be fairly new, the band was formed back in 2015. Their bio on Spotify lists them as an alternative/rock band, but IMO their songs have a hint of emo in them, at least the ones in this log.

First up is the song “Without my Ring (I Think I Want You)”. I do not know what they call this in the music industry, but this was a clever remake of their own original “I think I Want You” song. What I love about this song is the story; this song is about a guy trying to resist the temptation of another woman, because he is already married. From the lyrics it sounds like they obviously had a past, but they didn't end up together. I don't think a lot of songs cover this kind of narrative where someone is trying to stay faithful to their partner.

And here is the original “I think I Want You” song.

Second song is “We're Doing Fine (Dark of the Night)”. Similar to the songs above, this is a remake of the original “Dark of the Night” song. This song has some great lyrics like:

You got me fighting on the front line You're the weight around my legs always puling me down I'm trying for the last time Cause you were never there when I started to drown

And this:

I was never really good at goodbyes The sunsets starting to die Cause I keep saying that I can make this right I'm nothing that I wanted to be It's taken so long to see It's me and the dark of the night And we're doing fine

And this:

I burn like a star To show you the way I'll bury my heart Cause it can carry the weight

Does that sound emo enough for you? Or in the old days I guess they would call this sentimental. Either way, I love it!

Here is the original “Dark of the Night” song.

Happy Friday everyone!

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I was trying to write something more substantial to post today, but I ran out of time on my lunch break, so I'll settle for a music log today. I usually share 3 songs, on my last log I only had 1, but today I have 4.

Let's start off with “Keep You With Me” by Hot Chelle Rae. This is a pop-rock song that is more pop than rock, but it has a very catchy melody and is a good one. If you are in a long distance relationship, this is the song for you.

The next three songs are all from All Time Low. They are a pop-punk/emo-pop band that has made some really good songs throughout the years. First up is “Somewhere in Neverland”.

Second song is “Remembering Sunday”. Make it to the end of the song and it will reward you. I think the best part of this song is when the woman finally sings at the very end. She somewhat explains what happened to her and gives you a better picture of what story the song is trying to tell.

Last song is “Painting Flowers”. I love this song because of the beautiful lyrics in the chorus. If I'm not mistaken, this song was included in the OST for Alice in Wonderland.

When I wake up, the dream isn't done I wanna see your face and know I've made it home. If nothing is true, what more can I do? I am still painting flowers for you.

Happy Friday everyone!

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