Music Log – 026 | Songs from Dream State, Mayday Parade and Our Last Night

It's a beautiful Friday today. Well, it looked beautiful outside, based on what I saw from when I went out to bring in some packages. We are still very much under stay at home orders here. Still very much working from home. Anyway, let's listen to some music shall we? I have 3 songs for today. Let's get started.

To start off, we have “Crawling” by the band Dream State. This is a cover of Linkin Park's original track. It starts out slow, almost like a somber cover of the original, mourning the loss of Linkin Park's Chester Bennington. Thankfully the band does the song justice when it brings in the guitars and the drums and lets the song soar at the end. This is a proper rock cover of the original.

Second song for today is “New Year's Project” by one of my fave bands, Mayday Parade. This is a beautiful cover of the original track from the emo band Further Seems Forever. Mayday Parade made the right choice of using a piano for the softer parts of the song. The build-up to the chorus is just as good, if not better than the original. This is a really good cover. And I love the lyrics in this song. It has the feel of like something you can play at a wedding. Beautiful lyrics.

And you were the outline of everything you would become. The keeper of these hands. To hold you now it is a far cry more than anything that I deserve.

I'm waiting to give you whatever the world may bring I'd give you my life cause I don't own anything. It seemed like the bottom was all that I had until now I'd give you my life if you'd give me yours somehow.

Last song for today is a really good one, “Let Light Overcome the Darkness” by the rock band Our Last Night. Our Last Night is famous, well famous to me, for making really good “punk goes pop” covers. This song however, is one of their original tracks. It is a beautiful song with a haunting melody and uplifting lyrics. Sounds like a song that you can listen to when you are feeling down. I love the plot twist at the end of the music video too. Totally did not expect that.

Right now, you don't know if you even love yourself Drowned out, broken down, with no one to turn to for help There's so many roads but there's only one way, one way out of this The glow on the hill is waiting for you to see it

Let light overcome the darkness Let light be your shining armor Open up your heart and watch all the panic burst into flames Let light overcome the darkness

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