Music Log – 023 | Songs from Last Winter and Take Cover

What I have in this music log are two songs from some rather unfamiliar bands. I only came upon their songs from the Discover Weekly playlist on Spotify. But just because the songs are from unfamiliar bands, doesn't mean the songs aren't any good. I invite you to give them a chance and take a listen.

First up is the song “Arrows” by the band Last Winter. I tried looking for a music video for this song on Youtube and couldn't find one. I tried looking for lyrics to this song on Bing and couldn't find them. So, like I said above, unfamiliar bands. The only link I could find to this song is through Spotify, so Spotify it is then. Anyway their Spotify bio suggests that they are a pop rock band, which I guess is only partly true. This song is more than just a pop rock track though, as it has hints of pop punk or emo pop to it. Either way, a pretty good song.

Second song for today is “One More Shot” by Take Cover. These guys fared a little better on my Youtube search as I found an official, albeit “audio only” music video for this song.

I love how the song builds up into the chorus, and I like the lyrics in the chorus.

Pardon me but you're a part of me, I'm now accepting all apologies. The least that you can do is stop my sky from falling.

You said we'd make it out in time, but you're getaway left me behind. I'll take the fall for you tonight, alright, if we can take it, we're gonna make it.

It does another great build up to the chorus later in the song, this time through the bridge of the song.

This track has a pretty good combination of pop punk and emo pop. If you like songs from All Time Low, you'll most likely enjoy this one. I for one, really, really like this track.

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