Music Log – 024 | Songs from As It Is and FM Static

It's not Friday, but I have been struggling through work, trying to come up with a solution that fits the requirements listed in the user story. I'm struggling because I cannot come up with a solution that doesn't involve blowing up other parts of the code. Obviously that's not good, but I'm also running out of options. Anyway, I want to clear my mind. So let's listen to some music shall we?

If you think emo music is dead, well think again. First up is the song “The Fire, The Dark” by the rock band As It Is. It is a pretty good track that sounds like it very much fits into the emo pop category.

Second song for today is “Definitely Maybe” by the rock band FM Static. This song takes me back to my college days. I remember me and a very good friend of mine rocking out to songs from FM Static. Those were good times. This song in particular, is just plain good old pop rock/punk rock music.

Sidenote: I never knew until today, that the band FM Static is just a side project from the members of the Christian Rock band Thousand Foot Krutch.

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