New Search App And Some More Updates

During my second digital declutter, I found that I had a lot more time to tinker with my websites. And so I did. Here are some of the updates I've made to this site during that time.

Blazor WASM Search App

I've got a new Search app for this journal. It is a Blazor Web Assembly app. So, basically a .NET app written in C# that runs as a client-side web application. And it loads much faster than my previous Search app hosted on Glitch. That's because it is a static site hosted on Netlify. Which means it's always up and running. There is an initial load where your browser downloads the .NET DLLs. But after that, it should load pretty quickly next time you use it.

You can find the source code for it here.

Removed Random Post Link

I took away the link to get a Random post from this journal. I did so because it had a slot machine feel to it. Watching The Social Dilemma reminded me of the slot machine nature of it. But my main reason for removing it, was because it took so long to load at times. This stood in stark contrast to how fast this powered site loads. I can redo it as a Blazor Web Assembly app, but that's not a priority right now. Maybe something to tinker with in the future.

Did anyone by chance like using it? If so, let me know using the reply links below.

While editing this post, I just thought of a new way to implement it. Instead of getting all my posts from and then deciding in random which one to return — I can get the contents of my static Archive page and pick a random post from the links on there to return. Pulling the contents off one page and picking a random post, should be way faster than pulling all posts and picking a page in random.

I've started adding reply links at the bottom of my posts. It's an idea I picked up from some bloggers I've seen on Most notably from Ben Crowder's blog. If you open one of his blog posts, you'll see what I mean at the end of his posts.

In my case, you should see a link to reply by leaving me a message, or by sending me an email. The reply link to send me an email gets extra functionality if you have Javascript enabled — it will actually add the title of the post as the mailto subject. If you didn't have JavaScript enabled, then you'll just get a plain mailto link.

This post is Day 73 of my #100DaysToOffload challenge. Visit to get more info, or to get involved.

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