Digital Declutter Rules v2.0

Before we get to the new set of rules, here are some notes on the additions and changes I've made for this new version.

I'm allowing the use of Facebook Messenger

This is the main app that my friends and I use to communicate with each other. I don't see a need to cut myself off from my friends this time around.

I'm allowing the use of Safari and Feedly

One of my goals in this second digital declutter is to catch up on my readings of articles and blog posts. I have so many open tabs of articles and posts I want to read in Safari right now, it is not even funny. So, I'm allowing the use of Safari this time around to help me get through all those tabs. That also means catching up on my unread items in Feedly.

Not allowing and Sunlit apps

I signed up for a account just last month. Great service. I love what they are doing for blogging and personal websites. I use the official app and the accompanying Sunlit app on my phone. However, I will not be using those apps during this digital declutter to see what effect they have on me.

I'm going to allow myself to continue writing Journal Entries

During my last digital declutter, I stopped publishing journal entries to this site. And because of that, I fell so far behind. I'm still months behind on my journal entries as of today. I don't want to fall behind even further, so I'll make an exception for writing those entries in these updated set of rules.

Allowing PC Games

Nowadays, I have to compete with Davin and Coney for time on the Xbox One. They both love playing Minecraft Dungeons. They even play together in co-op mode. Anyway, what that means is that some days I can't get to play video games at all. So, my compromise is to allow myself to play PC games when Davin or Coney is using the Xbox One.

This is a list of rules that I'm going to follow for my next 30-day digital declutter. These rules are based off v1.0, with some additions and slight modifications to accommodate what I’ve learned since then. The additions and changes are highlighted in bold.

Messaging Apps:


Web Browsing:

Writing to Online Blogs/Journals:

Reading Blogs/Journals/Websites:

Reading/Educational Apps:

Social Media Apps and Websites:

Video Games:

Video Streaming Apps:

Music Apps:

Navigation Apps:

Misc Apps:

General Rules:

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