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Got this link from The Monday Kickoff. Good framework for helping you focus amidst a sea of distractions.

Link: How to Focus in the Age of Distraction

Reason #2: filtering out information takes effort.

Contrary to common sense, ignoring things is not a passive mental process.

Researchers have found that it takes energy to ignore irrelevant stimuli.

In other words, ignoring something still takes a toll on your mental stamina. Think of it this way, we wake up in the morning and our mental stamina bar is at 100% full. If you have to go through the day trying to ignore irrelevant stimuli, your mental stamina bar will probably be down to 50% by lunchtime. By the time you go home, it may be down to 10%. Then you end up just getting fast food because you can't think of anything else better to eat. And you crash down on your sofa to binge-watch Netflix, because your brain is too tired to do something else.

Find 2 Wildly Important Goals (and put them where you'll see them)

In 4 Disciplines of Execution, the authors recommend finding 2 wildly important goals (WIGs).

WIGs are goals that are so important that if you achieve them, everything else will likely work out.

I have heard of Warren Buffet's goal setting method before. This post seems to suggest combining that with this Wildly Important Goals concept. Maybe use Warren Buffet's goal setting method to define your long term goals. Then pick two from that list using the Wildly Important Goals concept. The two goals would then be your current focus/target. Not a bad idea.

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