Updates: Unpinning Pages

For the start of 2020, I wanted to add another pinned page to this site, but I noticed that the existing pinned pages were already starting to crowd the navbar. So I wanted to unpin some of the pages to make way for a new one. I've decided to unpin two pages... for now.

Unpinned the Bookmarks Page

The original intent of the Bookmarks page was to save bookmarks for myself, while at the same time making the links available to others. Lately, I've noticed that I've stopped updating this page with new links, and instead opted to write new posts where I talk a little bit about the content of the article that I'm sharing, while at the same time sharing the link to said article. With the use of a “Bookmarks” hashtag on those posts, I feel like that is a better way to save and share bookmarks as there is some context as to why I thought a certain article/post was interesting in the first place.

Also, I've started saving bookmarks using the OneNote clipper tool (instead of updating the Bookmarks page), which has the advantage of also saving the full webpage content, as opposed to just saving a link to the page. Recently, I've also started using Feedly more intently and noticed that it has pretty good integration with OneNote. I could bookmark a page in Feedly and have it saved to my OneNote as well. To me, that seems to be a more efficient way to save bookmarks, as opposed to manually updating a Bookmarks page.

Unpinned the Blogroll Page

Similar to the Bookmarks page, the original intent for the Blogroll page was to have a place for me to quickly find links to blogs/sites that I follow, and at the same time share them with others. As I started using Feedly more and more, I started to realize that I might not need a pinned Blogroll page anymore. Then as we rolled into 2020, I realized that having a Blogroll page means extra work having to maintain it. By maintain, I mean checking to see that the blogs/sites that I linked to are still up and running, and that their content still aligns with my decision to link to them in the first place. In addition, I've also noticed that none of the blogs/sites listed in my Blogroll page has a blogroll page/list of their own. So why do I have one? I guess I was still hanging on to the notion of blogrolls from the old days.

To clarify, I'm only unpinning the pages, not deleting them. The addition of a working Search and Tags pages on this site, gives me the ability to find those two unpinned pages in the future, if I really need to.

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