Thoughts on Season 1 of Messiah

I found that I could not discuss my thoughts on this show without referencing specific events in the show. So, to try and make this as spoiler free as possible, I hid the major spoilers behind links. You will have to click the links to view the spoilers if you so choose.

Like I said in a previous journal entry, Messiah is a very intriguing show. It really made me question the world we are living in today. For instance, the Messiah's request to... click here for spoiler, was thought provoking. Can you imagine what the world will be like if that happened? I for one cannot. And I cannot even say if that will bring about more good, or more bad. I don't think anyone can, unless they can see into the future. But it is a very interesting scenario to think about.

One thing that bothered me was that the Messiah was selective in who to heal. Why didn't he heal everyone? And why did he choose to... click here for spoiler? I think this is the part where I forget that this was a fictional TV show. It almost felt like it was setup to be handled in future seasons of the show.

Unfortunately, I have since learned that Season 2 has been cancelled. I was gutted when I learned about the cancellation. I was really looking forward to the next season.

An interesting element in the show, is how they claimed that the Messiah was previously locked up in a mental institution for having the “Messiah Complex”. Think about it though. If Jesus did show up today and goes around preaching. Preaching with authority. Preaching as if he is the son of God. Don't you think people will lock him up because they think he's crazy?

That scenario leads to an even bigger question for me. If Jesus showed up today, how will I know that he's the real deal? How will I know that he's not just a magician or a con man? Am I even capable of determining whether he's really the Messiah or not? It's scary to think that I might not have the answers to those questions.

While I originally thought this post would be a review of the show, it turned out to be something else. More like a reflection than a review. So, to end this post, I will say that for me, it was a really good show. But as evidenced by this post, it caused a lot of internal reflection on my part. This is not to say that I wasn't entertained. But more like, I wasn't watching to be entertained. I was watching because I wanted to see what he would do next, and how it would affect me. It's unfortunate that there's no Season 2. But that's how life goes. I'm at least happy to have watched one season of it.

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