Journal Entry – 061

Tried watching the movie American Assassin, but decided it was too violent to watch around Davin. I'm talking about the opening scene. I'll have to watch it when Davin is sleeping.

Since I couldn't watch American Assassin, I decided to watch Messiah instead. From Episode 2 and on, I was hooked. This show is so intriguing. It leads you into asking questions about the social issues that are present in the world today — like the issue on a country's borders, or issues on religion. It is a really good show.

Watched Messiah again. A very intriguing show. I've seen the scene before, where he... click here for spoiler. But when I saw it again, I still got a shudder.

Finished the ASP.NET Core Razor Pages tutorial. It's a good one that covered a bunch of stuff, including data validation. Next up, I need to look into how to host the web app on Azure using my free monthly credits.

Finished Season 1 of Messiah. Will talk about my final thoughts on it in a separate post.

C# indexers allow a class to act like an array. It's really just a syntactic change. Makes you write less code by using the indexer.

In over 8 years of working as a C# software developer, I don't recall ever having to use them. Not saying I'm not going to use them in the future. Just that I haven't had to use them, yet...

Really wanted to get Coney a gift, but because of her impending delivery, I ran out of money. I ran out of money because I used it on stuff needed for the arrival of Baby Caleb. I didn't want to accrue more credit card debt. >_<

For some reason, maybe because another blogger added a commenting system to their site, I was also getting the itch to add one to my own site. Then I realized, I don't really need it for my online journal. If somebody has a comment on what I wrote, they can send me an email. I think comments work sort of like “social validation” for me. And that's something — the seeking social validation part — I want to avoid.

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