The Secret Power of ‘Read It Later’ Apps | Tiago Forte

A good read on why you might want to make use of “Read It Later” apps, like Pocket or Instapaper. Tiago also goes through his preferred setup and why it works for him.

Link: The Secret Power of ‘Read It Later’ Apps

Below are my two takeaways from reading this.

Make better use of idle time with a reading list

In this article, Tiago Forte quotes David Allen on the benefits of having an organized reading list available all the time. The reason being, is that life is full of these random moments where we don't have anything to do. Having an organized reading list can come in handy during those moments. It is better to spend that time reading something good, than to spend that time browsing social media or consuming junk information.

Use waiting periods before reading new content

“Waiting Periods” is an interesting idea shared in this article. In essence, it's basically a tactic you use, to force yourself to wait a little bit, before you read that article that you think you really want to read. It's similar to the advice to wait one day before making a big purchase.

The idea is to give you time to evaluate your decision as to whether the article is really worth reading or not. Chances are, after a day or two, the same article that was so interesting a few days ago, might turn out to be totally irrelevant to your interests now.

Combine this idea of “Waiting Periods” with the use of a to-read list and you'll cut down on the number of new content you think you need to consume.

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