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Link: Please for the love of Blarg, Start a Blog

Move to your own little island archipelago on the internet. What Warren Ellis coined as “The Isles of Blogging”. Each blog “a little radio station broadcasting though the night” ... Early 2018 being the start of the Archipelago (re)settlement in my mind. The seas of social media have risen around us. So blogs, what once were the mountain tops of internet culture have become little Islands.

I love this analogy of blogging in today's age where social media dominates the internet.

Your thread is great! But it is also ephemeral, temporal.

It might feel great to see all the shares, likes and comments and follows rolling in.

But the reality of twitter the way that the platform is designed. Is that no one is going to be able to find it again in a weeks time. And in a month or so no one is going to remember it all.

Which is a shame right? If you're going through the trouble of having a good, fruitful discussion online, wouldn't you want to preserve such discussion?

That smart important take blasted out in a Twitter thread is going to quickly sink down though the chummy social media seas into the deep never to be seen again. Yes, some people might bookmark It. Others might bookmark the thread reader version. But this is no substitute for hauling those important thoughts out of the private social seas on to dry land of your own Blogging Island. Safe. Permanent. Secure. And most importantly – Linkable and Searchable.


This also reminds me of when Scott Hanselman said, There are a finite number of keystrokes left in your hands before you die.” Considering that we have a limit on the number of keystrokes we have before we die, why would we waste a number of them on transient posts on social media, where they would easily be forgotten? Why not make them count and move those posts into your own website instead? That way, everyone else can possibly benefit from them in the future.

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