Notes on Blindness | Peter Middleton and James Spinney

The subject of this short film is the theologian John Hull (1935-2015). He recorded the words featured in the film in an audio diary. The recording began in 1983, when he became fully blind after several years of progressively losing his sight.

Watch this short film and you'll gain a much better appreciation of your gift of sight.

Link: Notes on blindness

Listening to John's words as he describes the despair and the hole he finds himself in, trying to break through the wall of blindness, but never getting anywhere — it was at times hard to listen to. But that's what makes you really appreciate being able to see right now.

There's an interesting thing that John mentioned in his audio diary, that was included in the film. As the years went by, he started forgetting what his wife, son and daughter looked like. But he said that he could still hang on to memories of photographs of them.

That tells me that we should make an effort to print pictures and store them in a family photo album. And that we should look at those photographs every year at the very least. If that is all we can hang on to when we go blind, then I'd rather have something to remember them by visually, even if it's just a memory of a photograph.

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