I’m a Writer, Not a Blogger, Jim! | Dan Erickson

I’m done offering a stupid newsletter...

I’m done offering free ebooks as incentives to signup...

I’m done creating courses that I have to spend hours creating only to discover that no one is signing up because I don’t get enough traffic.

I’m done sharing my writing five times a day on several different social media sites...

Damn! Dan must have been really fired up when he wrote this. To clarify, he is railing against what he calls the traditional model of blogging. I don't think he is railing against blogging in general, or writing on the web for that matter.

I’m a writer. I love to write. I think I might have a few good ideas, and some creative stories to tell. But I’m not going to drive myself crazy trying to reach 100,000 people. I’m going to write whatever I want to write, whenever I want to write. And whoever reads it, so be it.

Hmm maybe I am on the right path after all, though I do not consider myself a writer. I can write beautiful code (okay I know this is subjective) but I cannot write beautiful prose. I see myself more of as a thinker than a writer. A thinker who writes his thoughts down and shares them online.

But I’m not going to blog. Blogging gets in the way of writing. It requires that one tries to sell themselves, (soul included), in order to get numbers, readers, dollars.

In my experience, once I tried writing to an audience, it felt like I got a new job. I'll stick to writing for myself as a fun hobby.

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