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A great guide to help you read more books.

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If you’re one of these people, opening a book might have become something to do when you haven’t got anything else going on, which is almost never. It’s as if you decided at some point, likely without conscious thought, that even though you love books, book reading is effectively the least important thing in your life – you’ll squeeze it in, if you can.

I have a feeling that a lot of it has to do with the smartphones in our pockets. At least, that's what I struggle with from time to time.

And although TV and video games of course offer escapism, there’s nothing quite like devouring the pages of a beautiful novel, sitting quietly in one place while letting words transport you to another. Screens show you what’s happening; novels, by contrast, construct those fictions within your mind, allowing you to become anyone, and go anywhere.

Hmm I’d put books and video games on the same level. It’s also very much dependent on how good a book and video game is. While a good book can allow your mind to wander into a wonderful world full of possibilities, at the end of the day, you’re still following the story. A really good video game on the other hand, gives you a world to play in and let’s you write your own story.

In fact, reading books is considered a cognitive ‘reserve building’ activity that could help to protect you from Alzheimer’s and related illnesses.

First time I’ve heard that. So, reading books can help stave off Alzheimer’s. Good to know.

‘A lot of people feel locked in from the start,’ adds Clear. ‘But the little phrase I try to keep in mind is start more books, quit most of them, read the great ones twice. I think that a lot of readers would be well-served if they did that.’

That's great advice! Though it also makes most reading challenges pointless...

Lastly, while the guide is about helping you read more books, the author also draws inspiration from James Clear, the author of the book “Atomic Habits”. The result is that you also get to learn about habit-building. I think that makes this an even better read. And also makes me want to read “Atomic Habits” even more — which I already have it on my to-read- list.

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