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Last time I shared an Emoji Unicode Reference from w3schools. I found a better one. This one is from the Unicode website itself. It's better because they have an extra column in their table called “CLDR Short Name”. To me, it's really more like a description column. That means you can do a browser search for say “book”, and it will lead you to all the emojis with that word in its description. It just makes it easier to find the emoji you are looking for.

The other benefit is that it gives you a preview of what an emoji looks like on different platforms. For instance, the open book emoji looks noticeably different between platforms. I'm using the same emoji on the title for this site. And I was wondering why it looks different on my Windows PC and on my iPhone. Well, now I know why — each platform or “vendor” can implement their own version of the emoji.

Link: Full Emoji List

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