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Have had this open on a tab on my browser for awhile now. I finally got to it. Good list of apps, tools, utilities and even tips for Windows users. There's also some information on alternatives if you're on MacOS.

Link: Dirty Dave’s Poweruser Tips

Somehow, I did not discover Alt-D until 2018, which means that I had spent the entirety of my 24 years since triple-clicking to select every single URL I’d ever copied. I built a media company this way, and I can’t believe nobody told me about this shortcut. Open any given web browser, use Alt-D, and your selection will move to the URL in the address bar on top of the page. It’s very possible this will be of little use to you, but anyone who regularly shares or copies links will save themselves so much time.

What?!?! I didn't know you could do that...

While we’re on the subject of text – and hopefully without finding ourselves exploring the entire history of word processing – I’d like to evangelize what very well might be the Ultimate Formatting Language for digital text. It’s called Markdown, and it’s something you’ve likely already used in one form or another.

I'm a big fan of Markdown too. My introduction to it came when I was trying to setup my dev blog using Wyam. Writing new posts with Wyam required the use of Markdown. And for awhile I was referring to this Markdown Cheatsheet. There is a slight learning curve at the start. But once you get used to it, the text starts flowing right out of your finger tips.

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