Digital Declutter Rules for Lent 2021

This is a list of rules that I'm going to follow for the remainder of Lent. In hindsight I should have started this as soon as Lent started, but oh well. Better late than never.

These rules are based off v2.0. There's not much modifications from the previous rules I had. The biggest change in this set of rules, is that I'm not allowing myself to do any blogging whatsoever. I already feel anxious and excited about that one. It will be a good challenge.

And so without further ado, my Lent digital declutter starts now. You can find the rules below. See y'all online on Easter Sunday.

Messaging Apps:


Web Browsing:

Reading Blogs/Journals/Websites:

Posting to Blogs/Journals:

Reading/Educational Apps:

Social Media Apps and Websites:

Video Games:

Video Streaming Apps:

Music Apps:

Misc Apps:

General Rules:

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