Wasteland 2 Is Pretty Good!

Was looking for some good turn based RPG games on the Xbox One and found Wasteland 2: Director’s Cut available on Game Pass. It is surprisingly good! It is an old school RPG game that reminds me of the fun days of the Fallout 1 and 2 games, before they went all first person shooter on us. Also reminds me a lot of XCOM Enemy Unknown.

The graphics are kinda outdated, but to be fair, it is a rather old game. The camera is rather annoying to control on the Xbox One. The gameplay is so good though you just forget about the issues with the graphics and camera.

The turn based combat is great! I am a little biased though because turn based combat games are my thing. There is shooting and there is melee action. There is a cover system and an ambush action, similar to the overwatch action in XCOM. The encounters are challenging enough to make you have to think things through, so you have to be more tactical, which makes it fun for me.

The sound is okay. The voice acting and recorded audio conversations are nicely done.

The story is very similar to the early Fallout games, or rather the world or setting in the game is very much similar to early Fallout games. I haven’t played enough to uncover the story so I will not comment on that. Suffice it to say that the story is interesting enough for me to keep playing.

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