Use Case for Keeping a Work Journal

Why do I keep a work journal at the office? I was looking up “journals” and found a blog post from a software developer who kept a work journal. I thought it was interesting and decided to give it a try. A few weeks after, I read Cal Newport's books and found out that he too kept a journal at work. So that was even more incentive to keep one.

What do I use as a work journal? I have a medium sized, ruled, Moleskine 007 Limited Edition notebook. It has rounded corners, an elastic band to keep it closed and comes with a bookmark ribbon. I bought it at Barnes and Noble. Other stores carry Moleskine notebooks, but only Barnes and Noble seem to offer the limited edition ones. Notebook and pen

How do I use it? In general, I use it anytime I need to write something down at work. More specifically:

What benefits have I noticed from keeping a work journal?

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