Thoughts on Season 1 of The Chosen

The Chosen is a television show about the life of Jesus, that I never knew I've always wanted. Until this show was created, I didn't even know I would have an appetite for this kind of show. There have been a lot of depictions of Jesus in movies and films, but none tell His story like this show does. The twist here is that the life of Jesus is told from His' followers point of view; that's why it's titled The Chosen.

In this show, you get to see what Jesus was like in the eyes of Simon Peter, James and John (sons of Zebedee), Matthew the tax collector, even from the eyes of Mary Magdala.

In fact, the first episode of Season 1 revolves around Mary Magdala. And it is a beautiful, heart-warming episode. If you've ever felt lost, alone, abandoned, with nowhere else to go, Episode 1 might resonate with you very deeply. Episode 1 is what got me hooked on this show. The ending brought tears to my eyes.

On Episode 2, I learned how important Shabbat is to the Jewish people. They focus intently on it. They celebrate it with family and friends. It made me rethink how me and my family should be spending our own Sundays; and that is with family and friends. Our focus every Sunday should be family, people and God.

Episode 3 shows you what Jesus' life must have been like. What he did. Where he slept. How he slept. How he ate. How he prayed — yes he prayed to his Father before going to sleep! You even see him brushing his teeth. If you've ever wondered what brushing your teeth looked like 2,000 years ago, well then this is your episode. It was an awesome episode where you get to see him be human. He even dresses his own wounds; because as much as he is divine, he is also human.

Episode 4 was a powerful episode. I love their interpretation of how Simon Peter, Andrew, James and John would have met Jesus. I've always wondered why James and John (sons of Zebedee), would just abandon their father and follow Jesus. This episode gives a beautiful interpretation of that scene. I also love how they included Matthew in the background — and how that event quite possibly made him a Gospel writer. I love the scene where Simon Peter finally acknowledges Jesus. It brought tears to my eyes. The words he said, seemed like words I would say if I were to encounter Jesus today. Beautiful episode and a wonderful show.

Now it must be mentioned that this show is not a word for word rendition of the story in the Bible. What the creators have done, is take some liberty in telling the story based on what was plausible during that time. I honestly have no problem with that, as it makes the story more relatable, more personal.

There's so much more wonderful scenes to talk about: Jesus' reaction to an approaching leper, Thomas doubting Jesus could do anything at the wedding at Cana, Matthew leaving his tax collection booth to follow Jesus, Simon Peter's relationship with his wife (yes I've forgotten that he had a wife!), Jesus' healing of Simon Peter's mother in law, Nicodemus finally meeting Jesus, Jesus' conversation with a Samaritan woman, etc... I could probably go on and on about this show, but my time is limited so I'll try to wrap this up.

You don't need to be a Christian to enjoy it. This show is definitely worth watching, whether you believe in the Good News or not. And to make it even better, the show creators have made it free to watch. I'll say that again, it is free to watch! So, let's not waste any more time, go watch it when you can. I'll leave you with the trailer for Season 1. Enjoy and peace be with you.

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