Dino’s Journal 📖


There are a few fronts on which our attention is being assaulted. First off, there’s just a massive surplus of stuff to pay attention to. And the more crap there is to pay attention to, the more difficult it is to choose what to focus on—not to mention stay focused on it!

So, the first and most important goal of an attention diet should be to consciously limit the number of distractions we’re exposed to. Just as the first step of a nutritional diet is to consume less food, the first step of an attention diet is to consume less information. – Mark Manson

Digital Minimalism is making it's way around the web and I like Mark Manson's take on it. I think calling it The Attention Diet is also a clever idea. If you have not read Cal Newport's Digital Minimalism book, this post can serve as some kind of head start to cutting out digital distractions and taking back your attention.


I saw this post from QuietHabits and it reminded me of my own attempt at “dumbing” down my smartphone. I remember at one point I told my wife, “maybe I should get another Windows Phone?” I think she just rolled her eyes.

At one point I did own a Nokia Lumia 920 and I still miss it today. And yes Windows Phones had an app problem that was never really solved, which is why it would be perfect since there are less apps to distract you with.