Dino’s Journal 📖


It's a rainy Friday, but a perfect day for another music log. Let's start off with the classic “Too Much Love Will Kill You” by Queen. Such a beautiful, beautiful song. Love the instrumental with the guitars on this track. Too bad that is a rare thing in new songs nowadays.


Time for another music log because it is Friday. I deem this the Oh, Weatherly edition. This is a new band that I have recently discovered in Spotify. They seem to be fairly new, the band was formed back in 2015. Their bio on Spotify lists them as an alternative/rock band, but IMO their songs have a hint of emo in them, at least the ones in this log.

First up is the song “Without my Ring (I Think I Want You)”. I do not know what they call this in the music industry, but this was a clever remake of their own original “I think I Want You” song. What I love about this song is the story; this song is about a guy trying to resist the temptation of another woman, because he is already married. From the lyrics it sounds like they obviously had a past, but they didn't end up together. I don't think a lot of songs cover this kind of narrative where someone is trying to stay faithful to their partner.