Music Log – 012

It's a rainy Friday, but a perfect day for another music log. Let's start off with the classic “Too Much Love Will Kill You” by Queen. Such a beautiful, beautiful song. Love the instrumental with the guitars on this track. Too bad that is a rare thing in new songs nowadays.

Next up is the song “The Good Book” by Quietdrive. Really good song from a really good alternative rock band. They have a number of other hits, but this is a gem that I found in Spotify as I was going through all their songs. I love how their vocalist sings the chorus; really gives the song substance. This song has some nice lyrics too.

Oh, life is a dream that only time will erase We build up the walls with a smile on our face And every time I try to explain it

I can't fix it, I can't feel it I lost my hands, I lost my soul But the more and more I try to control it The more and more it gets out of control Oh, the good book says I'm weak But I'm just unlucky That's all

Last song for today is another Oh, Weatherly track, “Lost and Found”. If you've been following my music log series, you'll remember that I featured their songs on Music Log – 007. These guys keep on impressing me with their emo-pop/pop-punk tracks. This song for me is all about the chorus. The intro is just okay, but the chorus is where the song really starts. Love the lyrics too.

Do I have to let you go, Do I have to scream out loud, Until you hear the sound, Echo through your heartbeat, Do I have to watch you fade, Do I have to chase the clouds, To pull you right back down, Do I have to

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