Dino’s Journal 📖


Just a week after officially declaring that I will stop posting on my dev blog and instead publish software developments posts on this journal, I am starting to see a problem with this setup. The problem mainly revolves around retrieving software development content.

I actually use my dev blog to store answers to problems I've encountered before. And every once in a while, I use it to retrieve scripts or pieces of code that I need to re-use. That's easy to do with a dedicated software development blog. It's not so easy to do with this journal. And that's because these bits and pieces of software development content, are buried inside one big Weeknotes post. And that makes it hard for me to quickly get to the information I need. It is inefficient as far as searching for information goes.

For instance, to retrieve the notes I had about the basics of using Git from a command line. I have to sift through the content of Weeknotes-011.


I was looking for a way to standardize the titles for my posts on my gaming blog. My aim is to end up with a shorter, cleaner URL without having to always come up with a title every time I write a new post. I also want to avoid write.as' default way of using the title or the first sentence as the basis for the URL. Reason being that you could end up with some pretty absurd and long URL.

I thought that I could get a way with using a date as the title. And it kinda works. If you create a post with the title “May 30, 2019”, the resulting URL will be “write.as/username/may-30-2019”, which is nice and clean. Unfortunately write.as has this issue with time zones and on the read.write.as feed, it also displays the date under your post's title. So you end up with a post with double dates. Not to mention the possibility of the dates not matching because of the time zone issue. So not exactly the solution I was looking for.