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Just wanted to point out that me and my wife have been enjoying reading the On Parenting series that Daniel Rose has been sharing on the Read.Write.As feed. As a young parent, I find a lot of the info shared in those posts to be useful and refreshing. Refreshing in the sense that it makes me reconsider what I think I know about parenting. And it also challenges my preconceptions of how I think parenting should be done.

When you choose experience over stuff you are also choosing relationship. Just giving children stuff communicates that you would prefer them to be seen not heard. Experiences are almost always linked to engagement. Leaving town or heading out on a local adventure usually means that there are significant times where the phones are put away and we are doing something together. – From On Parenting: Experience Over Stuff

My wife texted me that quote after I sent her a number of links for reading. She said she loved it, so do I.

If I may make one suggestion to the author, it is to group the posts under a hashtag so that they will be easier to find with just one link. Anyway, for my benefit, I am listing down the links to each post from the series.

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