New Beginnings

I originally started this site as my personal, somewhat anonymous online journal. The plan was to write journal entries about the daily happenings of my life. It would serve as some sort of historical record of my life, shared online.

However, as I was going through the digital declutter phase, I've had a few realizations that convinced me to change the focus for this online journal.

I was reminded of a post I read months ago, about how as writers, we have a contract with our readers. They will gift us their time, in return we need to provide them something of value, otherwise we are just wasting their time. This coupled with the new perspective I got from reading the book Deep Work has convinced me to change the focus of this online journal.

So here are the changes I'm going to implement going forward:

With those changes in mind, I hope that this online journal will begin to provide something of value in the future.

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