Music Log – 027 | Songs from My Chemical Romance and Everclear

It's been awhile since I wrote a music log entry. I had a number of excuses ready to type up, but I'll skip those. Let's just get one up shall we?

The first song for today is a rather unpopular song by My Chemical Romance. Unpopular in the sense that, I don't think it is one of their hits. I just happened to come across it as a song recommendation. Whether it was from Pandora or Spotify, I don't remember anymore. But the important bit, is that this song rocks! So here is “Ambulance” by My Chemical Romance.

Second song for today is “Wonderful” by Everclear. This is an older song from the early 2000s. I distinctly remember seeing the music video on MTV. I love how this song slowly builds up to a wonderful ending. Unfortunately, the lyrics actually speak of a sad story, but that's what makes this song really good.

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